My family an I are extremely grateful to Ms. Galindo for the legal counsel she has provided to us over the past four years. We were blessed to have met her after another immigration lawyer was unable to offer us any hope.
Our need for an immigration attorney arose after my family received notices to have us placed in removal proceedings. Ms. Galindo reviewed our case and was able to establish a basis from which we were able to move forward.
At our first court hearing she was successful in obtaining a waive for my daughter which allowed her be to absent from all other hearings. She also boldly represented us at subsequent hearings and filed for motions for continuance which afforded us the opportunity to build a stronger case.
As a result of her knowledge of immigration law and her willingness to explore all options available, she obtained a cancellation order for my daughter from removal proceedings. This allowed Ms. Galindo to submit an application for a change of status for my daughter. As a result of this action my daughter is now attending college on a student visa.
Ms. Galindo also prepared a joint motion for my husband and I to request administrative closure of removal proceedings in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion. This request was granted and an order for administrative closure was issued.
Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of Ms. Galindo my family has been granted some relief and we are able to breathe somewhat easier. Ms. Galindo also constantly updates us on immigration news as it pertains to our case.