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Karen Jean Haas

About Karen Haas

About me

CIVIL APPELLATE AND TRIAL PRACTICE: Karen J. Haas, Esq. has handled appeals in all appellate districts of Florida, including the Florida Supreme Court; and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. She appears before trial courts, state and federal, throughout Florida. The foundation of the firm’s appellate/trial practice is wrongful death and personal injury law, including medical malpractice, products and premises liability, bad faith and insurance law. The firm provides concierge appellate/trial support services to select plaintiff’s trial attorneys. Ms. Haas has over two-decades of experience and knowledge that can maximize the monetary value of a case, and put it in the best possible posture for trial, appeal, or settlement. It takes a particularly effective and staunch advocate to pursue or defend a lawsuit on behalf of an individual or small business whether against one party, multiple parties, or the legal team of a Fortune 500 Company. Over the years, our firm has obtained more than 100 reported appellate opinions in the Florida Supreme Court and each of the appellate districts, including many significant victories and precedent-setting decisions. We use the latest trial technology and up-to-date research tools for a competitive edge in each case. Appealing a case requires a mastery of not only the facts, but the latest developments in the relevant areas of law. Ms. Haas' appellate experience allows her to stay up-to-date on the law and other issues affecting a case. In addition to appeals, we assist attorneys and their clients with jurisdiction, summary judgment motions, and evidentiary issues at all stages of a case, from early motions through resolution. We frequently partner with out-of-state attorneys who are looking for experienced, knowledgeable support in Florida courts. Ms. Haas is a tenacious and fearless litigator in trial courts or on appeal. We represent clients with business or civil litigation: plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract claims, arbitration objections, business torts and fraud, and intellectual property. With a background in the automobile business prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Haas is a skillful negotiator who when faced with a high stakes consumer protection issues, know how to solve problems quickly. Ms. Haas also handles complex marital or family law litigation and appeals. Given her strength in complex litigation and record of success resolving business disputes, Ms. Haas is especially adept at representing business owners and professionals in high-income divorce and other family law matters. She works with a skilled paralegal to provide accessible, responsive service in these high-stakes cases.