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  • How long does the at fault driver's insurance have to fix my car?

    I was involved in a 4 car accident on Saturday. The man in a black car rear ended a driver in a white car. The driver in the white car rear ends me and I rear end the car in front on me. highway patrol officer stated I should contact the black car...

    Michael’s Answer

    Matthew is right on point. 4 years to resolve the property damage aspect if your claim, and your injury claim, if any.

    Typically, multi-vehicle collisions require a decent amount of investigation prior to the at-fault party being determined, fault being accepted and/or apportioned to the liable parties involved. The good old he said she said is at work here. Adjusters tend to give weight to the police report as well as independent witnesses not involved in the crash.

    Two options:
    1) wait for liability to be accepted and fix your vehicle through the liable party's carrier, if any. One caveat is if the property damage limits maintained are insufficient to properly compensate your repairs and is then apportioned to all damaged vehicles involved. Make sure to request a rental if you need one otherwise ask for loss of use which pays for the days your vehicle is undergoing repairs until its release. Also, if you have a newer vehicle you also need diminished value to be considered.

    2) if you maintain collision coverage subject to a deductible, if any, with your insurance get them to begin your repairs to avoid delays... You can then have the subrogate to reimburse your deductible or you can request the at fault carrier to advance the deductible in lieu of subro.

    Clock is ticking.... Lawyers know these details and are best resource to utilize to assist you. We know what to ask for and how the system can/should work to your benefit.

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