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Glenn Jay Holzberg

About Glenn Holzberg

About me

I am married to Rhodele Dobkin Holzberg for 36 years this August. We have 4 beautiful children, Lexi a valuable lawyer in our firm since September 09, and owner creator of a successful fashion and lifestyle blog, Glitter, Inc. and a new mother of our granddaughter Scarlett Everly, son in law, Lexi's Husband and Scarlett's daddy, Dr Michael Kritzer, starting at his residency at Duke University in Psychiatry and Neuroscience, an MD and PhD graduate of The Miller/ University of Miami School of Medicine); Louis, a current FIU law student,  class of 2017, a graduate of the Warrington School of Business in Finance at The University of Florida, (President of his Fraternity (ZBT) and UFStudent Senator), Sam a senior at Florida International University majoring in biomechanical engineering, and 1 hellacious guitar player; and Rowan our baby, a fabulous photographer (see her pics on Lexi's blog, a budding writer and journalist, and a 3rd year Florida Gator.

 I enjoy travelling, wine collecting (Burgundy or Pinot Noir, anyone?) spending time with my family and all Sports, including our Fabulous Miami Heat.

i recently had the honor to participate and graduate from The Spence Trial Lawyers College in DuBois, WY, and spend 3 1/2 weeks last September living learning and growing as a lawyer and a person on the Thunderhead Ranch. what an experience. check out my blog on to see pictures (including of me and Gerry Spence sharing several meals and fascinating conversations, and working with Gerry and many gifted trial lawyers (John Zelbst, Daniel Rodriguez, Chris Stombaugh)  and psychodramatists, Kathy St Claire). 

I intend to see all of the world and look forward to getting to Utah and Hawaii soon and complete all 50 States, Next up is hopefully Australia and New Zeeland or the Patagonia. We regularly cruise which keeps me not only relaxed in between our hectic work life but current on the cruise ship designs layouts service and potential for mayhem and injury to our many many cruise ship clients.

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