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Allison Louise Hertog

About Allison Hertog

About me

Did you ever wish you had someone to sit on your side of the table? Not just a lawyer.  Not just someone with first-hand experience teaching kids with disabilities.  But also a passionate advocate for your child’s needs.  Well, you’ve finally found one – me, Allison HertogI am one of only a handful of professionals in the country who has both a Masters degree in special education and is a lawyer.

Simply put, I do not take “No” for an answer.  I founded Making School Work, P.L. because I struggled throughout her school years with multiple undiagnosed learning disabilities. I was retained in second grade and my disabilities were not accommodated nor even understood until my adulthood.  My parents were told early on that I would never attend college. How wrong they were.


The mission of my law firm is to help South Florida children with autism, ADHD, learning and other disabilities  to 1) obtain more and better services in public school, as well as accommodations for standardized tests; 2) choose the right school and; 3) navigate the process of attaining significant private school McKay Scholarships for their disabled children.  When parents work with me they get personalized attention and a passionate advocate who does not get intimidated and will not give up on your child. Making School Work is a Miami-based organization that works with children who struggle with all types of special needs, including autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, physical limitations and ADHD.