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Justin Koger Beckham

Justin Beckham’s Legal Guides

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  • To Blow or not to blow, that is the question

    A guide to the most popular DUI question ever asked

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  • Reasonable expectations?

    Meeting your lawyer, keeping it real! Everyone wants to feel confident he or she can win their DUI case. With the right lawyer, you can have almost an 80 to 90% chance! However, some DUI cases cann

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  • How to know if you can win your DUI Case

    Who is the Police Officer??? This is probably the most important question you can answer to evaluate the potential strength of your DUI case. Every Police Officer has a different level of experience

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  • Top Things to look for when hiring a DUI lawyer in Miami

    Experience, Experience, Experience The only way for young lawyers to get the right experience in how to successfully handle DUI cases is to either work for the Public Defender's Office or the State A

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