My experience with Rand Lieber was by far the WORST working experience I have ever encountered. He was assigned my divorce case by his boss, Jackie Valdespino. My case was a standard, easy one. However, Rand's lack of follow-through, indifference, and poor communication skills, both orally & in written form, were horrific. I had to edit and rewrite poorly written letters. I also (reluctantly) had to make too many follow-up calls because Rand did NOT get matters completed on time. He overcharged. He lied to me about billing matters. He did not care and did not work diligently to get the job done in a competent, zealous fashion. Do not use this attorney or the firm, Valdespino & Associates (at the time Rand was the only other lawyer there besides Ms. Valdespino). You will regret it. Others, after hearing my case, have recommended that I file a grievance with the Florida Bar Association about the handling of my case. I am still thinking about it.