As a recent client of Michael Schiff, Esq., I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation. After months of unsuccessful conversations with the dealership where I purchased the vehicle & exhausting countless hours trying to negotiate with the manufacturers "Executive Customer Relationship Team", my patience ran out and I began my search for an attorney who had strong knowledge with The Florida Lemon Law. I found Mr. Schiff through my company's legal plan and retained him in November 2011. During our first meeting, Mr. Schiff set expectations clearly and advised me it would take approximately 3-4 months to fully resolve the case. Mr. Schiff used this time to gather documents & research the repair history of this make and model to build the framework around the case. In March 2011, Mr. Schiff successfully negotiated a breach of warranty settlement directly with the manufacturer resulting in the full recovery of my expenses which neither the dealership or the manufacturer was willing to entertain. This would not have happened without the extensive knowledge Mr. Schiff had regarding the Florida Lemon Law. He consistently proved devotion, passion and tenacity by keeping a dedicated close watch on all pieces of the process and generously offered his professional advice both timely & professionally. Mr. Schiff took the lead by establishing a solid communication plan between all parties and always kept me informed where we were in the process. I am nothing but pleased with Mr. Schiff and his thorough knowledge of the Florida State Lemon Law. As a result, I would highly recommend him with my strongest endorsement and without any hesitation.