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Maggie Arias

Maggie Arias’s client reviews

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  • One of the best lawyers in Miami!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Orfinda

    After calling around and speaking to 15 different lawyers she was the only one that took my case and was up for the challenge. After meeting with her I knew I picked the right lawyer. Maggie from day one has answered all my emails, texts and calls didn't matter the time or day. Nowadays that is so hard to find. She was always keeping me informed of what was going on with my husbands case and she fought hard to get him out and back to his family. When dealing with her and her firm I never felt like a client I felt more family. Every time I called they already knew me and treated me like family. She knew this was a hard time for myself and my daughters and she was so compassionate. Maggie is our angel! And for that we are so grateful!

  • Could not be better!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by cunchilo

    We are really thankful to Maggie Arias and Eduardo Pereira for their help. I recommended them to a friend and their results were the best ! Very reachable, informative and kept us informed of every step patiently. I would not hesitate to recommend them or retain them for any legal matter. Thanks

  • A Professional in Every Sense of the Word

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I was charged with DUI. When I called Arias and Pereira, they made an appointment with me the very same day. They were upfront and honest about the possible outcomes and how they would proceed with the case. They charged me one fee upfront, and never asked for anymore money. They meticulously scrutinized every aspect of the case - the documents, the signature, the time line, their conversations with the prosecutor, etc....
    After any meeting with anyone regarding my case, they would call me immediately and follow up with an email. They always told me that I was free to contact them if I had any questions. They returned my emails, text and phone calls within the same working day.
    The first victory, was my ability to drive without any restrictions. This occurred a few days after having requested their services. They found a glitch in the ticket which they argued with the DMV and won. I was never unable to drive. They made countless phone calls in order to arrive at a positive outcome. With their expertise, professional and incredible skills, all my charges were dismissed - reckless driving and DUI.
    I would recommend them to anyone. They cared, and I felt that I wasn't just another client, but that I was important.

  • Thank you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Last year my life changed. Having never been through an experience such as this before, I was extremely lucky to have met Maggie and her team. She is not afraid to take on the challenge and will ask the tough questions she needs to present her case. She keeps you informed, always makes herself available as soon as she is able to, even if it is just to see how you are doing. She will fight to the end and provide all the facts so that you can make the very best decision in your interest. She has shown me compassion and hope even when I felt I could not go on, she was there for me to lean on draw from her strength. Thank you is not enough for all that she and her staff have done for me.

  • Criminal defense

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    This letter can only express a fraction of the gratitude I have for Maggie Arias. When looking for a Criminal defense attorney I was bombarded with options. The reason I decided to go with Maggie was that instead of hearing, what I suspected to be, false promises or optimistic scenarios, I heard a knowledgeable professional with a logical course of action to successfully win the case. I was kept informed throughout every step of the process and the end result was a complete success. I’m also still impressed with the diligence and turnaround time towards finding a solution for my case. I gladly recommend Maggie Arias' services to anyone looking for a capable criminal defense attorney and the law firm of Pozo Goldstein and Miranda to handle your criminal and immigration matters.

  • exellent representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Plamen

    From ; PLAMEN [removed by Avvo staff]

    I am sending this letter to express my great appreciation of Maggie Arias for her excellent representation and to point your attention to the exceptional work she did in my case. I am truly impressed with her professionalism and understanding of the situation I was in. I had two tickets and one of them was a potential problem because of my immigration status. She did everything possible and the end result was a dismissal.
    My family is joyful again because of her; I thought attorneys like this exist only in the movies.

  • By far the best Attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeniper Barrios

    Maggie is trustworthy and humanitarian. She truly was a blessing in my case. She cared for my case as if it were her own. I respect her enough to recommend her to anyone who's at the end of their rope. She gets the job done and gives no false hope. She took care of my husbands past convictions and was sucessful. She knows what shes talking about and will fight till the very end. Maggie is an attorney who i support 100 percent. My husband's case was a tough one but she told me to trust her and im glad i did! i will soon be reunited with my husband and all thaks to her great legal work.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    How can you possibly know you've found the right attorneys amongst an endless multitude of choices? And knowing that the difference between hiring the best legal counsel can be the very difference between an acquittal or a conviction? citizenship or deportation? freedom or incarceration? The impact of such a decision is monumental. The importance of making the right choice is crucial. And the consequence of choosing incorrectly can be utterly devastating. Could there be a more essential objective than to obtain the peace of mind in knowing that your legal issues or those of your loved ones are in the absolute best hands available? And to secure this knowledge with absolute confidence and complete certainty? Clearly in such a time of need there can be no room for error. I was extremely fortunate to have been referred to the partnership of Pozo Goldstein & Gomez. They are one of just a few law offices capable of handling both immigration and criminal cases within the same firm. Their ability to handle both matters simultaneously and all in house is critical if you consider the need for precise timing when coordinating separate Federal and State charges. Retaining a second firm to handle criminal charges independently could pose untold potential risks and consequences. Imagine the negative impact of having to courier documents and files back and forth, deal with possible hearing conflicts and endless interoffice correspondence. Not to mention the hardship of separate or even double billing! We simply couldn't afford to lose that kind of efficiency with so very much at stake.
    Attorney Maggie Arias is our main counsel. She has expertly handled the criminal charges along with considerable focus on the immigration side. She is confident, charismatic, aggressive and eloquent. But she is also caring and approachable. I can't express my gratitude for all she has accomplished so far on our behalf. Maggie was a former public defender and knows how to navigate through the criminal courts inside and out. She's dedicated and committed and has worked tirelessly on our behalf. There's no question we are in the very best of hands.
    You might imagine that retaining such a powerful law firm could not possibly be an affordable option. And yet they have provided us this outstanding service at a reasonable and competitive cost. I found the best representation possible and I could never assign a value to having them in our corner and by our side. I am confident that they will make every effort, will leave no stone unturned, and tirelessly advocate on our behalf in their attempt to resolve each and every legal issue we are confronting.
    The enormity of navigating through both the Federal and State legal process is overwhelming. There can be no margin for error. I am privileged and honored to have the best legal team available to represent us during this most dire of times.
    It is without reservation that I emphatically recommend Maggie Arias at Pozo Goldstein & Gomez attorneys at law in Miami, Florida.
    Eric Gold