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  • Do I have to pay full retainer to lawyer if I cancel his services?

    I paid $1500. towards a $3500. retainer for a divorce and met once with the lawyer for approximately 1 1/2 hours. I sent him a certified letter 2 weeks later that we were reconciling and I no longer needed his services. Nothing was done in that 2 ...

    Robert’s Answer

    As has been stated previous, without more you cannot get a straight answer.

    You need to look at the retainer itself: was it a flat fee retainer? Was it hourly? Under certain circumstances your change of heart may not play in determining whether or not the money was owed.

    I would suggest that you first carefully read the retainer and thereafter call your attorney.

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  • Hi i was wondering do i have to go to court to get something taken off my record

    i have 1 domestic charge and 1 i was not charged with

    Robert’s Answer

    You need to provide more information here in order to get a straight answer:

    (1) What was the disposition of the domestic charge?
    (2) Was this all one indictment and the state decided to no action the other charge?

    Things like that. If you wish to consult with an attorney privately to address the situation, contact a local Criminal Defense Attorney.

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  • Can I sue the third party for commiting adultry?

    I have proof that my husband was unfaithful through ph conversations that I heard and documentet. Also the mistress husband contacted me to confirm that they were sleeping together. At this point my husband being a police officer had to let his em...

    Robert’s Answer

    No, you cannot sue her, but you can file for divorce. Contact a local family law attorney.

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  • I am trying to get a divorce but my ex isn't doing his part. He is fighting me by not getting the paper work done.

    Also he will not let me have my belongings or my kids medical records or their belongings. They are not his kids

    Robert’s Answer

    It appears as though you were trying to file for divorce pro-se and he was not cooperating with you. What you need now is an attorney who can back up the bark of divorce with some bite.

    As for your belongings and medical documents, you are better off speaking to a judge than to an angry soon-to-be ex-husband about getting those back. Hire counsel and put this problem behind you.

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  • Settlement agreement says I am to move into marital residence next week, but spouse is saying she needs more time.

    My ex wife has been living in our marital residence since I filed for divorce 16 months ago while I have been living with my father and paying all of her bills. In our divorce settlement it states that she is to move out by July 31 and i am to ...

    Robert’s Answer

    As has been stated previous, in order to enforce the agreement in court you will need to file a motion. Hiring a local family law attorney for the sole purpose of this motion should not be terribly expensive.

    You may not unilaterally deduct from the Marital Settlement Agreement however; that is for a Court to decide. Certainly you can amend the agreement in writing, but perhaps the best way to resolve this is to contact your ex-wife and see if you can reach a mutually agreeable move-out date. You do not want to do anything which may reflect poorly on you and/or could later be misconstrued by a court (such as deducting 'daily rent' from a previously agreed to amount).

    If your ex-wife will not budge, you will be left with no alternative but to seek the assistance of the judiciary and at that point in time the judge will address damages. I would be happy to discuss this matter in further detail should you decide to retain my office as counsel (305-322-9971).

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  • Live in CA got a DUI in KS, didn't show up to court now have a Warrant i

    I live in CA and was on a work related trip in KS. I was pulled over and arrested for DUI in KS. This is the first offense in any state. I was unable to make the hearing because I had to work, and am the sole income provider for my family and ...

    Robert’s Answer

    The longer you go without addressing this the greater the risk you run of getting pulled over/picked up. That will not bode well for an agreeable final disposition as far as you are concerned.

    Contact a Kansas attorney and have him or her (1) negotiate with the State a surrender date (2) explain exactly why you were originally unable to attend and (3) discuss with you the norms of the Kansas judiciary system.

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  • How do I get my gun rights back?

    I got convicted of vehicular assault almost 5 yrs ago, in WA. I have not been in any trouble since but would either like to get all my rights back or get my felony off my record if there is a difference. How do I go about this?

    Robert’s Answer

    Hire a local criminal defense attorney in order to explore restoration of your rights. Without more, you may or may not be eligible to have the same reinstated on Motion by an experienced WA attorney (depending on your priors as it appears you have nothing post conviction).

    Do not invest in a weapon until you have spoken to an attorney and formally had your rights restored.

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  • My son is being questioned about 1,000.00 in cash missing from his work. He works in the office with one other man

    the police said they had probable cause but he needed to confess. police said here is my card , call me next week when you have had time to think about it. He was questioned for 2 hrs and they wanted him to take the voice test which he refused. t...

    Robert’s Answer

    If there are only two people in the office, it sounds like the search is narrowed down. Your son needs to stop contacting the police absent counsel and should seek NC representation ASAP.

    His attorney will communicate directly with the police and will help diminish the chances of your son potentially slipping up and/or potentially confession to something that he very well may not have even done. Do not treat this as a bluff - find yourself a zealous advocate and attack this problem head on.

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  • Whats going to happen?

    I was convicted of simple assault 4 months ago and was told to stay out of trouble for 6 months, but didnt sign any papers stating the conditions. its only been 4 months. Im scared of what will happen on my court date Aug. 17th. I was caught sh...

    Robert’s Answer

    Regardless of what you did or didn't "sign" this sounds like a probation violation.

    Your best bet now is to (1) hope that both the State Attorney & the Judge cannot add/miss the date and do not request your probation be terminated and/or (2) hire a good Salem, NC criminal defense attorney to talk to the State Attorney and try to keep you out of jail.

    Hire that attorney; the 5 finger discount that saved you $34 in the short run is going to end up costing you a couple thousand in the long run.

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  • Should i go to court or pay for the ticket?

    I was given traffic ticket because my headlight was off and I was threaten not to see if that is true or not due to street light

    Robert’s Answer

    It appears as though you are saying that:

    (1) you had a headlight out
    (2) you were pulled over
    (3) you wanted to see if the headlight was in fact "out"
    (4) the cop told you to stay in the car

    In the instance the headlight was not/is not malfunctioning - it may be worth your while to go to court. As has been stated previous however, an attorney will run you more than paying the ticket will.

    In the instance the headlight was out: you have an affirmative obligation to keep your car in working order. I am surprised that an officer would give you a ticket rather than a warning if this was the 1st time you were pulled over for this infraction. If you have since replaced the headlight, perhaps you can go - tell the hearing officer that the light has since been repaired - and request dismissal.

    All in all, paying the ticket is the only way with a fixed outcome. Going to court/before a hearing officer is a crap shoot. Rolling the dice on something like this may be more time and effort than its worth.

    If you decide to push this to court, hire an astute OH criminal defense attorney.

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