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Omar Javier Arcia

Omar Arcia’s client reviews

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  • Mr. Arcia is a credit to the Law profession and a hard act to follow

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walfrido Ramos

    Hired attorney

    I required the services of a Real Estate attorney and Mr. Omar J. Arcia was recommended. I admit that I had my apprehensions.

    When I visited his office and had my interview with him I was convinced that I wanted him to represent me. Mr. Arcia has a friendly face, is a great listener and his tone of voice gives the impression that he is dealing not with a client to be, but rather, with a family member. My First impression is that he was truly interested in my troubles and not in my money.

    Needless to say that Mr. Arcia gained my confidence in our very first meeting. In retrospection I can say Mr. Arcia impressed me for coming across as an honest and trusting professional and very knowledgeable in his field.

    In this first meeting Mr. Arcia gave me peace of mind indicating the steps his law firm would take to assist me and indicated the results that I was to expect.

    True to life, everything went as planned and the results were exactly the same that were discussed in our first meeting. Needless to say that my legal problem was solved in both a timely and professional manner and to my satisfaction.

    As a confirmation of the above stated, I can say that Mr. Arcia's Law Firm team interacted with me and kept me abreast of all the step that occurred in my case both by emails and via phone calls. Furthermore, Mr. Arcia himself would communicate with me directly or vise versa adding to my peace of mind.

    In conclusion, I recommend Mr. Omar J. Arcia as an Attorney 24/7/365. He is a true example of a dedicated and hard working "Honest" attorney so if anyone is looking for an attorney that can give results in Real Estate negative situations, I highly recommend Mr. Omar J. Arcia and his Law firm group, they are a hard act to follow. One meeting with him will convince you of that!.

    I am also a professional my self and make this report free from the influence of money or financial gains. Rather, I make this report as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the services The Arcia Law Firm rendered on my behalf.

  • forclosure

    3.0 stars

    Posted by lece ROCHA

    Hired attorney

    My wife lece a health care provider at JMH that work providing service to the community , she gave the firm ARCIA 4500 dollars so that he can help save the house , now we have enter into a new contract of 350 a month , Hopefuly , all will turn out fine , let you all know the outcome soon ,God bless you all .

  • Thankful !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    After dealing with our home mortgage lender we felt there were no options to save our home. Once we met with Mr. Arcia, we felt a sense of hope that something could be done. I moved forward with his advice and the guidance of his knowledgeable staff. Today, I am grateful and thankful to God that Mr. Arcia was able to work out agreeable terms with the lender to modify my mortgage. This could not have been accomplished without ARCIA Law Firm.

  • Awesome law firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Omar Arcia has been personal involved in our case and has a very well managed staff that is completely responsive to our calls and ensures follow up on any concern or questions we have had. His staff is quite large to ensure this quick response. Customer care appears to be a priority. His experience and knowledge has served well dealing with foreclosure and bankruptcy against banking institutions. We very satisfied with his services and will highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Omar Arcja and Team Great Lawyers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hugo Urribarri

    Omar show up in a moment when the shark evil bank wants to destroy my saving of life. Omar stop the bank with all legal resources on hands. Now, I am happy to end my dispute with the bank and peace come back to me as well to my family life.

  • Thankful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by katherine

    We are so proud and thankful, because after 7 years to fight
    with the bank, OMAR and his team make possible our loan modification in a very good terms and know we can keep our house!!!!

  • Professional Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Raul Rey

    The people at Arcia Law are really professional, and they look always to help you to resolve your foreclosure and loan modification process, we are glad to count with them for it.

  • Winning A Complicated Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Omar Arcia first met with me and from the moment I began to explain a rather complicated Foreclosure case that had years of past litigations with prior attorneys representing myself, I knew immediately that I found the right office and an excellent attorney to represent me.
    From the initial day on, we have become in very close touch on resolving a case that often seemed to have a "life of its own".
    The staff at Arcia Law Firm have been superb in their communication to me on all court documents, all court dates and any meetings if needed for me to attend.
    I was especially impressed with Mr. Arcia's ability to dig through the details of years of documents within my case to offer my best defenses along with the best offense in find victory.
    If I wasn't already certain I hired the right lawyer, I was certain upon listening and watch Mr. Arcia in the many court room opportunities in front of the court. His manner and well spoken delivery was a huge asset in the Judge's decision in my case.
    I certainly would recommend Omar Arcia to anyone considering an attorney to help them succeed through a very complex Court System and allow The Arcia Law firm to work closely with the client for the future.

  • Don't Waste Your Money

    1.0 star

    Posted by Diane

    I was being wrongfully foreclosed upon. I hired Arcia to help me fight the bank. For a year, I paid him over $7,000. All he wanted to do is re-modify my existing modified mortgage loan (something I could have done myself AND he wanted an additional fee to do so) instead of pursuing wrongful, illegal lender practices against me. Also, better ask all questions at the consultation because that's the last time you will get to speak with him. If you're a client, all your calls will be returned by support staff, not Mr. Arcia personally. Keep looking around.

  • Thank you for your hard work, Omar.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bettina

    Hello Omar & Lauren & Ralph


    The day is here when we have a resolution to long-awaited prayers. I really want to thank you both and Omar for this resolution. You all worked so hard to make this happen. It has been years in the making.

    I will say on my behalf, my gratitude for your efforts and patience and guidance and answering my hundred questions is ENDLESS. I just want to send you both a sincere GIANT HUG AND KISS from us. This is the part of your job where you see people smiling that gives you the drive to keep fighting for other families. Well, you have earned that today as well from our family. I can go on and on about my gratitude. But now I'd like to Thank God and all our angels that were with us and protecting us. Trust in Him. God is great. You all are great. It is a great team.

    I pray for Ralph, Lauren and Omar and for your families. I pray for lots of health, love and unity and to be close to God. Through Him all things are possible. Keep working for those families that need your help. Thanks for being a special part of my life and my families.

    With sincere appreciation,
    Bettina & Ralph