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Jodie Bassichis’s client reviews

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  • You have been warned....

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    My first consultation started with me being told this should take no more than a couple months and my initial retainer should cover what I need done. Well, two years and over $6000 later it IS finally done. Getting a phone call back is like pulling teeth and the secretary there has no business cleaning the bathrooms in the office much less answering phones and sending invoices. The office also sent out a court packet with someone else's case which claimed molestation and sexual abuse by siblings. This not only went to the judge but my ex wife as well and obviously it started World War 3 with my ex wife thinking I was actually claiming that such abuse was going on. The final and honestly most insulting thing happened right after the case was over. I got an email with an invoice saying I owe over $2000 and it had to be paid within 5 days or it goes to collections. I emailed immediately back saying how could you do this and that you never did this before and before I could hit "send" , another email came through showing they charged a card that was on file for the full amount. There was no signature, there was no consent, there was no warning. I sent the email anyway and another one right back saying I couldn't believe this is how they do business and it's been a week and a half later and still have no response.

  • Do not hire this lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    This is by far the worst lawyer I have ever dealt with. I hired her for my custody case and from day one it was a nightmare. She does not return calls or emails unless they pertain to her fees. I poured 2500.00 into her within the first month only to be slapped with a 2200.00 bill with her nearly instantly. She required instant payment with a threat of quitting the case. She asked for 1000.00 minimum, which I gave her. One week later she asked for a payment plan. I called her rude 19 year old assistant to make the arrangements and explained that in two weeks I would be getting my tax return, and that I would then settle the bill then. She said that it was fine, so I thought everything was fine. Three days later I received an email that she has dropped the case, one day after that I received formal letters in the mail that she sent to the judge and to opposing council that because of irreconcilable differences she can no longer represent me. Talk about a huge embarrassment; further horrifying considering that I WAS paying her! She never called me to tell me this, there was absolutely no communication leading up to this drop in service. She never responded to any requests, emails or calls. I did exactly as she asked, and still she took what I had given her and dropped the case. Beyond the abrupt ending I still would never recommend Jodie. She is incredibly unprofessional, her assistant is rude and will be snotty and abrupt on the phone regardless of how polite you are, her appearance is ragged and she is not respected in the courtroom. I hired her because of her low retainer, please do not make the same mistake that I did. You get what you pay for, hire a better lawyer than Jodie Bassichis.

    P.S. I just received another bill from her for an additional 750.00 for email fees and other nonsense odds and ends, the same emails that she never replied to. DON'T HIRE THIS LAWYER!!!

  • Horrible and traumatic

    1.0 star

    Posted by Carlos

    This attorney was not attentive to my case. She lost paperwork, failed to file critical evidence I provided to her that are critical to having a comprehensive judicial file, returned calls days later, and her relationships with other attorneys and the judges only further complicated me resolving my case. This attorney required a large retainer, but provided minimal results in representing me in the court of law.