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Laurence Allen Schwartz

Laurence Schwartz’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Julissa


    Laurence Schwartz is an outstanding individual, who is dedicated to his client and persistent in his handling of the case. What can you say about a divorce attorney who always took or returned my calls and emails, night, weekends and would meet me according to my schedule, even with much notice. He took the time to get to know me as a person and a parent. He understood my interest in my child’s well-being and helped me develop the best plan of action, and then to work toward resolution. His experience as a family law attorney enabled him to work towards protecting my rights and most importantly the best interests of my child. Laurence is very personable, approachable and has a good relationship with the court as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys.

    He is smart, thoughtful, and not afraid to speak the truth. He was patient with me, very professional and was able to make me feel at ease. He helped me understand the process, the time frames involved, and how to see "the big picture". He taught me how my problems were possible to overcome. On more than one occasion he called me late in the evening when I needed guidance. I’m happy to say that as a lawyer he suited my needs extremely well. I’m pleased to say that throughout his representation I felt like I’d not only secured an exceptional attorney, but found a much-needed loyal friend to the process.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent Person To Work With!!!


    I post anonymously due to my type of work not allowing me expose my name. But, I can truly say that Mr. Schwartz was 100% pleasant to work with. He was informative, patient in providing details, and is very knowledgeable within his trade. Most important aspect in doing business with anyone is Trustworthiness. Mr. Schwartz was diligent in his details, which provided trust in his knowledge of being able to provide the best possible outcome.

    Highly recommend, Mr. Schwartz!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by MRJ

    I endorse Laurence Allen Schwartz

    I have known Laurence Schwartz for over 10 years as a mediator for some of his cases and recently as his co-counsel in a couple of his cases. Attorney Schwartz is one of the rare breed of lawyer that is both learned in the law and places the interests of his clients above his interests. He makes himself available to his clients when they need him, not just when it is convenient for him. He invests the time necessary to learn the facts, apply the law, counsel and pursue and obtain justice for his clients. To top it off, he is very conscientious when it comes to his fees and charges.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    Tom Earnhart review

    Mr. Schwartz has been my attorney for over 20 years and has delivered great advice and results.
    I may go years without needing an attorney however when the need arises Laurence is there for me.
    Mr Schwartz is very knowledgable in a wide range of law and has quickly addressed any issue I may have.
    I trust Mr. Schwartz and if the need arises in the future Laurence is the first choice for me.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by SRico

    Divorce with child - Great divorce attorney!

    Mr. Schwartz is a great attorney. I went to him after having a bad experience with 2 other attorneys that were only interested in dragging my case and charging me a lot by the hour. Mr. Schwartz was through in explanting the plan of action and gave me a true time frame of what my case would take. He also set realistic expectations. He is great at getting back to you and answering phone calls. Very knowledgeable due to so many years of experience and I can say that he has a heart, he cares. He got my divorce done in short period of time and I feel that I got the settlement I was entitled to. He is still available to answer any questions even after the case was done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by DAISY


    I have to begin with the fact that I have known Mr. Laurence Allen Schwartz for many, many years and I have nothing to say but EXCELENT remarks about him and his representation. He is an exemplary family law attorney – no doubt about it! Not only is he my attorney (and always will be), but he is also what I can call a friend with a good heart. He cares for his clients and his client’s family needs. He understands your feelings and frustration and knows how to address every matter the correct way.

    Mr. Laurence Schwartz is a very effective family law attorney and knows this area of law inside out and he will get the job done and counsel you if needed. Other advocates enjoy working with him due to his reputation. He cares for his client’s best interest, NOT HIS! He has represented me for many years (not my divorce, I wish!) but having to take my ex to court various times for time sharing, child support, alcohol abuse and enforcing the agreements established as well. Mr. Laurence Schwartz worked with me to achieve the best possible results knowing we were dealing with a very complicated person on the other side. He is cordial when he has to be and firm, when needed. His knowledge, years of experience, and professionalism is truly impressive and one to admire. When you hire an Attorney, you’re hiring his years of experience, knowledge and reputation. Remember he is representing YOU and you want nothing but the BEST! He is a competent attorney which again, will get the job done! For almost four decades Mr. Schwartz has been recognized as one of the BEST family law attorneys in Dade and Broward County. He is available for you at all times and enjoys to listen to your needs and concerns.

    If you are going through a separation or divorce, I truly recommend Mr. Laurence Allen Schwartz as he will listen, understand you and he will determine the best course of action based on your case and situation as all cases are different.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Naylet

    Best Family Law Attorney ANYWHERE!

    I came to Larry at a moment when I was most vulnerable and in desperate panic. I called Larry at 10:00 pm on a Monday night, shortly after being served with court documents. Larry returned my call early the next morning, and from the moment I spoke to him, I knew he was the right attorney to handle my case. Larry spoke to me for about 45 minutes over the phone, asked me questions, and immediately had a strategy for how we could handle my case. He was available immediately for an in person meeting, which was great because I was looking to solve this issue immediately. Larry spoke to me for over an hour, strategizing over the best course of action to take. My motion for dismissal was just heard yesterday, and much as Larry anticipated, it was granted and the judge's ruling was in my favor.

    I have worked with attorneys before, both for this case and as an employee. Larry remained responsive and accessible at all times. There was not a time that I called him that he didn't answer - no matter the time. Larry is compassionate, he "gets it" - he understands that in fact when dealing with custody issues, the child's best interest is the heart of the matter.

    My hope is that you never have to hire an attorney for any family issues - but if you do, look no further. I am confident you will not be disappointed in having Mr. Laurence Allen Schwartz represent you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by David Echard

    South Florida's Finest Family Attorney

    If you are looking for the premier attorney in South Florida Family law, look no further.
    Mr. Schwartz is caring, compassionate, and always has the client's best interest at heart.
    I wish I had known about Mr. Schwartz 4 years ago. Mr. Schwartz worked tirelessly to end a litigious case involving my ex and timesharing/visitation involving my 7 year old daughter. I am forever grateful to him for ending my 5 year nightmare. Not Just another attorney, but someone who I can call friend

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lissy

    Sensational Schwartz!

    I was perusing the web to locate a lawyer who could handle a divorce and I came across Laurence Schwartz. I read his reviews and gave him, "Mr. Perfect 10," a call. He returned my call in less than one hour! (That's an initial five stars rating from me in the "Responsive" category.) Mr.Schwartz demonstrated his concern and patience by attentively listening and asking questions to gather more details in regards to the case. His tone and demeanor were of a dedicated man with a profound knowledge of the court system and a great passion for his profession and his clients. He presented me with information and different scenarios to be considered. He was honest and caring; a genuine humanitarian! (That's another five stars rating in the "Trustworthy," "Knowledgeable," and "Kept me informed" categories!) He followed up immediately with an email; upholding the 5 in "Responsive."
    A bit over 10 years ago, someone had recommended Laurence Schwartz to me. I had called him back then and was VERY impressed with him over the phone. I wanted to hire him to represent me but I was unable to at that time because he was not part of my paid legal plan and my finances would not allow me to go outside of network. Mr. Schwartz had left a positive impression on me and although I had forgotten his name and lost his contact information, I still remembered the "husband and wife team" that I would have loved to have represent me. Fast forward, ten years later to the present, I stumbled across him again and realized that the lawyer I was speaking with now was the same one I had spoken with over a decade ago; the same lawyer who I had wanted to hire.
    Yes, an emphatic, YES! I recommend him! Mr. Laurence Schwartz is sensational, amazing, wonderful... worthy of... the Perfect 10!
    Thank you Mr. Schwartz!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client


    I rarely write positive reviews about anyone (let alone the quality of professional legal services I receive from lawyers, because I expect extraordinary legal services from them to begin with). However, in this rare instance, I believe a stellar review is merited and so here is my review of Laurence Allen Schwartz, who represented me during my divorce.

    I am a corporate/securities lawyer for over 15 years, rated AV Preeminent® by Martindale-Hubble. I am a graduate of NYU School of Law and have worked at some of the world's largest and prestigious international law firms representing various Fortune 500 companies. My clients expect the highest quality of legal services from me, therefore I hold other lawyers to the same standard.

    Facing the possibility of a very traumatic and contentious divorce involving child custody, child support, alimony subject to a challenge to a prenuptial agreement, and facing significant equitable distribution issues, I started searching for a divorce attorney. I conducted extensive research, sought referrals from colleagues, and read online reviews.

    I wanted a divorce attorney that was a highly experienced, reputable, personable (not egotistical, arrogant and condescending as many lawyers are), empathic (sensitive to my feelings), well-reviewed by clients and other attorneys, and who charged reasonable legal fees.

    As a result of my research, I chose Laurence Allen Schwartz. Based on his advice, in light of the issues in my case, we brought in Lynn Britt as our forensic accountant. Armed with this "dynamic duo", my divorce and all related issues were equitably resolved through mediation in record time (seven weeks!). In addition, by promptly participating in mediation (avoiding a long, expensive, bitter, and emotionally traumatic court battle), my ex-wife and I remain on good terms, which is a blessing for the sake of our children.

    I could not be happier with Mr. Schwartz and highly recommend him to anyone in need of high quality representation in their divorce.