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Mario Musil

Mario Musil’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Komal

    Wonderful experience

    I had really wonderful experience with him. We had green card application with USCIS. Throughout the process i experienced that he is very professional, punctual and responsible lawyer. Every time when we asked to him for early morning appointments, he was there on time. On the day of interview also I appreciate his professional way of handling the case. I will definitely recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles and Lillie

    A true God send into our lives just when he was needed the most

    Not attorney would even consider taking our case. They all said "I want take your money" . "We can not win this case"
    Even though everything about our case looked impossible Mr Musil took a chance.
    He was so kind and went out of his way to meet with us,
    His price was very fair but his heart was in it and that was the real value to us.
    He was very knowledgeable as well as he worked tirelessly and he took everyone's feeling in to consideration. He seems to love what he does and that is a major plus for me.
    Not only did our family member get released on bond he also had all charges dropped.
    I can not say enough wonderful things to explain my true feeling and gratitude for all His hard work and dedication to our case and our family.
    Thank you God for sending us Mr. Mario Musil.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela and Andre

    An Immigration Lawyer you can trust!

    Attorney Mario Musil has been knowledgeable and forthright since our initial phone consultation. Actually, I had contacted one other Orlando area attorney who claimed to be an expert with immigration law. That initial phone call to this other 'expert' attorney left me feeling confused and overwhelmed by this process. Luckily my husband had located Mr. Musil online and he called to get advice about our situation.

    Mr. Musil was very organized, efficient and professional. Upon our first meeting with him he gave us a folder with his credentials and education enclosed. The folder also listed what paperwork we needed to fill out and return to him. I have a type A personality so I’m very organized with paperwork and need specifics and timelines. Mr. Musil was excellent at handling our many questions and requests. He told us average timelines for each process, which helped with the waiting part. He gave us details and specifics as to what to expect during each step of our immigration process.

    My husband and I felt confident that Mr. Musil kept our personal information confidential and that he was ethical and competent with our case. Mr. Musil has excellent communication and will keep you well informed by emails and phone calls.

    We went into our interview prepared and confident that we had gathered all necessary documents for a positive outcome. Our case was approximately 7 months total from initial consult to news that our case had been approved.

    My husband and I would like to thank Attorney Mr. Mario Musil immensely for all his hard work effort and diligence to our case. We a positive outcome and our family is very happy. We highly recommend him as an Immigration lawyer and have referred him to our friends and family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by RANDY

    good man and excellent attorney

    did what he said and is sticking with it until my goal is reached said he would help me get my license back and that is what he is doing kept me informed and always answered my calls and concerns cant ask for more and the fees were more than reasonable IF I WERE YOU AND READING THIS REVIEW I WOULD HIRE MARIO MUSIL YOU WONT REGRET IT

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ravi

    Awesome Lawyer

    Called Mario for a quick consult and ended up hiring him even faster. Needed someone for an ongoing immigration case at a cruise port. Mario was very knowledgeable and advised us of all the available options. He even offered to come to the port right away if needed. He was extremely responsive during the whole process and regularly returned phone calls and email messages. He would also follow up regularly just to give us the status of the case. Definitely a five star lawyer. If needed, I would definitely hire him again.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    1st time criminal offence

    Mario was the first and only lawyer I contacted to represent me. I choose him due to his high ratings on Avvo. I filled out the user-friendly form on his website briefly describing the charges against me and was contacted the next day for a free initial consultation. He explained everything very clearly and had a calm manner. I never felt like I was being treated as a CRIMINAL. He appears to have a very high work ethic and would e-mail me even after business hours about matters pertaining to my case. I felt like I was in safe-hands. Both of my charges were dropped thanks to his diligence. If I ever had to get a criminal defence lawyer again (which, hopefully I won't) I would definitely choose Mario.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Job well done

    Mr. Musil was not only ethical and moral in all of his practices with us in both advice and council, but was extremely personal and friendly. You can really see that he puts his heart in to each case and takes each case professionally and personal. He wants to see the best for his clients no matter the case and is extremely knowledgeable in his areas. He will continue to be mine and my wife's lawyer for anything I may need in his area of expertise!

    Thank you Mario, you made it possible for me and the love of my life to be together! Borders tried to hold us apart but you helped us break through them. I wish you all the love and prosperity any one person could possibly have in their life!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by L.Lane

    I highly recommend Mr. Musil as one of the best immigration lawyers in Florida.

    I highly recommend Mr. Musil as one of the best immigration lawyers in Florida. Mr. Musil is a superb person and highly skilled lawyer . He correctly gathered a large number of evidence for my case, skillfully built the case so that the immigration authorities had only one option-to approve the case. Mr. Musil was very attentive to my needs and concerns along with the many questions I had. He was also very patient with me as my English comprehension and ability to communicate is very poor. After listening to me, which may have seemed like hours, he gave me his legal opinion and took his time to explain one approach of a few and the possible outcome in my case. He was concerned with my understanding of what he was saying and asked if I had any questions. With Mr. Musil’s guidance and direction I took a pro-active role in helping build my case. I believe I couldn't have done it without him. I highly appreciate Mr. Musil for his friendliness, patience and trouble-free help at all times.THANK YOU MARIO MUSIL.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Binny

    Personal experience with Mario as my Immigration attorney

    Mario from the day I met him was very informative to me as far as my case goes. From the beginning I knew I had a slim to no chance of winning my case against the immigration laws, but I knew I had a fighting chance because I had a great attorney who was willing to fight for me and was ready to take the case as far as he was able to in order for me to stay in this country. When I was incarcerated mario called me at the county jail every single week keeping his promise of keeping me updated and informed on the happenings of my case. I have heard many stories of attorneys from other people. How they show up to court unprepared, without the right paperwork, staying silent when they should be fighting for their clients. Many stories about attorneys just not doing their jobs and letting their clients down. Just doing it for another check. But Mario Musil is a true example of a great, hard working attorney who truly cares for his clients. He showed my family and I that he was genuinely concerned for the outcome of my case and that he very much wanted me to be able to come back to my family once again. I am so thankful for my family having found mario to represent me in my fight against immigration laws. I am sure that without his help I would surely have been deported and been sent back to my country of birth. I would highly recommend mario in any circumstance or situation where a person might need an attorney. My family and I are forever in gratitude toward Mario's hard work.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nav & K

    Excellent representation and very trustworthy. 100% satisfied.. Highly recommended.

    Mario Musil was very professional from the initial consultancy until the satisfactory outcome of our case. In fact, we checked out another lawyer in our area that had a significantly cheaper fee but was not knowledgeable about our case, immigration law, or even the fees related to immigration applications. From our perspective, we were willing to pay more for the security of Mario's knowledge, professionalism, detail orientation, and experience.

    Mario was upfront with what he required from us to process our case, the cost of hiring him, financing options, and expectations. He even met with us a second time, after the initial consultation, free of charge so that we may ask additional questions before deciding to hire him. While his fee was slightly higher than what we could have afforded, we decided to hire him, with a little help from our family, and have not regretted it.

    Mario was with us from day 1. He asked us to gather the required documents and gave us a detailed list of what we needed to gather. After we turned over all the documents to him, he promptly and accurately prepared our application and called us in to sign. After all the applications were signed, he sent them to the immigration office without any delay. Any communication from Immigration officials, Mario would relay to us by email. He was very attentive to our case and answered all of our questions (And there were quite a few questions!)

    Our case took roughly 6-7 months from application to receipt of our green card. We want to thank Mario for his dedication, handwork, attentiveness, professionalism, knowledge, and communication. We want to thank him especially for his willingness to deal with our nervousness and worries. He went above and beyond his responsibilities by making sure that we understood the process and answered any questions we may possibly think of.