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Carole Suzanne Bess

Carole Bess’s client reviews

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  • The Absolutely Best Attorney to help you move Forward in a Positive Way

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    When I met Carole and her Team we, as with many other families, had been going through a very hard time financially. In addition to my profession we had a small Real Estate Development/ Mgmt company along with a business leasing, training, and showing horses. Initially, both businesses were doing well and on track to be both fulfilling and profitable over the long term. Unfortunately, as a result of Hurricane damages, the Real Estate crash, and an Injury requiring several surgeries rendering me unable to work for nearly a year, our financial outlook looked grim. We held out as long as we could going through every bit of savings and credit while hoping for a turn in the economy.

    By 2010 we had come to the realization that the economy would not turn around in time for us as we were very quickly approaching the end of our rope. It was a time of incredible stress, hopelessness, and extreme anxiety. We had come from a history of spotless and abundant credit to a point where we would be forced to pull the plug. We would have to consider a managed Bankruptcy.

    We initially consulted with two other well known Bankruptcy Attorneys. After consulting with them I came away feeling even worse, if that was even possible. The stress and anxiety literally felt like a 100 pound weight on my chest and I was seriously beginning to fear for my physical health. I was referred to Carole by a friend who had been working with her and was very happy. I made an appointment and met with her for our initial consultation. We went over the particulars of our financial situation and formulated a plan to move forward. Initially, we planned to file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy but eventually were able to convert to a simpler and less costly Chapter 13. It was a bitter pill to swallow but Carole truly was, and is, amazing. Not only is she an incredibly competent and well connected Lawyer, she has a gift for making a person feel confident that things will get better and there is a positive way forward. There are a lot of Attorneys out there that can handle the legalities of a bankruptcy, but very few that can also put a person at ease, lay out a positive road map forward, and help to ease the emotional trauma that accompanies experiencing your world falling apart in front of you. I walked out of that meeting feeling for the first time in a long time, a sense of hope and confidence. We decided to retain Carole's services and have never looked back. It has been like having a trusted member of the family acting on your behalf who also happens to be a phenomenal Attorney. The office is a full service office with an abundance of talent specializing in all areas of Bankruptcy Law. Wether it be preparation of financial statements, real estate mortgage mediation, personal financial schedules, etc, they were able to handle it all in an extremely competent and personable manner. Just knowing that Carole and her Team are there working for your best interest is an immeasurable benefit mentally. We were able to enter into a five year plan, modify our mortgage, surrender failing property, and generally put our financial and emotional life back on track. Ultimately, we were able to pay off our plan early and emerge from bankruptcy. Our lives now look to be back on track and moving forward in a positive way. I truly consider it a blessing to have met Carole and her Team. We will forever be grateful to Carole, Kevin, Dan, Tracy, Chris, Sharon, and the unseen others for the help and assurance they provided us throughout what would have otherwise been an unbearable time in our lives. I would highly recommend Carole and her Team as the best solution to get your financial and personal life back on track and moving forward. They will always have our greatest thanks and appreciation.

  • Worst Lawyer I have ever Had

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    I will stick to the facts:
    She was very pleasant at first. She has a large presence.
    She promised, but did not deliver.
    She never returned 1 phone call or replied to 1 e-mail.
    Her staff screened calls and visits and would not answer ANY questions. She lied to me.I went elsewhere and found a reputable attorney.

  • Cannot say enough!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    I'm unsure where others are getting these experiences from, but for me, Mrs. Bess, and her office were attentive, and helped me through any, and all issues that arose through the bankruptcy process. I have now recieved my discharge, and have a fresh start, free of the debt that was taking over my life. Through their mortgage modification program, I was able to get a mortgage payment I can actually make each month. I cannot speak any higher of Mrs. Bess, and her staff.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angelo


    You really came through for us!
    You really delivered EVERYTHING you said you would !
    It has been a heck of a ride .
    I had my doubts !
    You truly are an amazing lawyer !(creative for sure)
    You put our lives back in our hands !
    A fresh start .
    We Now have Hope something we haven't had for years !
    Thank you!