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Bryan Andrew Lober

About Bryan Lober

About me

Attorney Bryan Lober is a native Floridian, born in Orange County and raised in Seminole County. He is a graduate of Stetson University College of Law and practices primarily Criminal Defense.


After being sworn into the Bar, Bryan quickly found a job at a medium sized firm specializing in Insurance Defense. After a short while at that firm, Bryan realized that representing insurers was in contrast to his values. He found that representing big insurers and companies did not give him the same sense of satisfaction and pride that representing individuals would.


He resigned from his position and was hired shortly thereafter as Assistant Regional Counsel for the State of Florida. In this position, Bryan handled hundreds of cases and tried both adult and juvenile matters. He took both felonies and misdemeanors to trial. Bryan developed a reputation for three things:


(1) Ethically practicing law. There are numerous opportunities to pull one over on the opposition but this serves to hurt clients in the long run. Having a reputation of practicing ethically better ensures that the opposition will be fair and reasonable in dealing with Bryan, and his clients, in the future.


(2) Taking cases to trial. There are many cases which are better situated for trial than a plea. Bryan did what many government employed attorneys are rumored to despise: taking cases to trial. If he genuinely feels that a case is better situated for trial, he tells this to his client and, if the client agrees, he takes the matter to trial. This has the incidental benefit of serving to help Bryan’s future clients. The State Attorney’s Office knows which attorneys are willing to take cases to trial and it may factor into their plea offers.


(3) Filing the motions that ought to be filed. It has been said that some attorneys view misdemeanor and/or juvenile matters as unimportant. Bryan files the motions that ought to be filed regardless of how big or small the case might happen to be. If he takes on a matter, it is important to him.


After some time as Assistant Regional Counsel, Bryan realized that, while he was able to practice law in a manner which was helpful to his clients, he did not have enough time to really get to know his clients beyond an individual case or two (or, in some cases, twelve). He decided to go into private practice so that he would be able to continue practicing his passion, Criminal Law, while being able to devote more face time to individual clients – something which was extremely difficult while working for the State of Florida.


His clients now have the benefit of his experience along with the additional time he is able to devote to each client as a result of his being in private practice.

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