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Alan Samuel Diamond

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  • Worst Experience Ever! Stay away from these guys if you want your case worked on!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Meredith

    This lawyer and his partners (Funk and Szachacz) are HORRIBLE! I went to them with my case, and they put on a big show of being a team and working together on all their cases. They said they only take cases they know they can get a good outcome for and after they heard my case told me they would call the next day and say whether or not they wanted to take the case. This would make you think when they called you back you have a good case, right?

    Well, of course they called back, took my $4000 (ridiculous) and stuck me right into pre-trial intervention aka. drug court. I won't even get into what a joke that was, since it doesn't belong in this review...

    Well, on no fault of my own, I failed out of drug court (they give out false positives all the time to make people stay longer and pay more), and told Alan Diamond about what had happened. He didn't do anything to try to work with them, not that I wanted to seeing as how that program was such a joke. Every time I tried to call these guys, no one answered, so I would leave a voicemail. I never, not once, got a call back from them. On the single time the secretary actually answered she told me that Mr. Diamond (my primary attorney) was unavailable and that I needed to call back later. I asked to speak to one of the other men in the firm since they were all supposed to be working together for me. I spoke to Mr. Funk, who told me still that I needed to call back and talk to Diamond. I asked why for $4000 I couldn't get one of them to call me back, and he promised that I would get a call. I'll bet you can guess that I never got one!

    I never had any information I needed and always went into court blind, not knowing what I was walking into. He would try to bully me into taking deals when I wasn't comfortable with them and would get exasperated when I would ask clarifying questions, as if I was a nuisance. He wouldn't show up in court until after the judge had gotten there, making me wonder if my representation was even coming. He would dodge our questions. He couldn't get me a copy of the discovery or the dash cam video of the night I was arrested. After I fired him and got a new attorney (Mark Germain - the BEST), I got what I wanted within weeks.

    Long story short, if you want any information about your case and if you want to actually get a good outcome for your case, stay as far away from Funk Szachacz and Diamond LLC as you can. Your record will thank you for it.

  • Former Happy Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Excellent, obtained a result beyond my wildest expectations