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Jason A Hicks

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  • Obtaining a Hardship License after Refusing to Submit to a Breath Test

    Should I demand a formal review hearing to challenge my license suspension, or should I waive the formal review hearing in order to immediately get a hardship license? Whether to waive the formal revi

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  • The Breath Test: Take it or Refuse?

    This is the single most commonly asked question in DUI defense and the answer depends on the facts and circumstances. You have to make this decision for yourself. The best way to decide is to educate yourself about what the State needs to prove for you to be convicted of DUI. The...

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  • Traffic Tickets: Reasons to Elect a Hearing

    It rarely hurts to set a traffic ticket for a hearing. The first reason to set the case for hearing is the strong possibility of the officer not appearing. In most cases, when an officer was properly subpoenaed for court and does not appear, the court will dismiss the ticket.The ...

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  • Florida Red Light Camera Defense (The Mark Wandall Safety Program)

    There is no doubt just about every attorney has been asked if beating the red light camera citation is still possible. It certainly is. The Mark Wandall SafetyProgram allows a county or municipality to use a traffic infraction detector to identify a motor vehicle that fails to s...

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  • Criminal Law: Be Careful What You Post Online

    Why accidentally admit to a crime online? You never know who is reading. Which brings me to the most common sources of incriminating evidence online: Facebook and Myspace. There have been so many times that I have had printouts from a client's Facebook account come back to bite t...

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  • Florida DUI: Overview of the First Offense Penalties

    If you have been arrested for DUI in Florida, and it is your first offense, there are certain mandatory penalties that have to be imposed by statute if convicted. In addition, each jurisdiction has some other common discretionary penalties that will likely be imposed. This articl...

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  • If my Drivers License is suspended for 5 years as a Habitual Traffic Offender, can I get it back?

    If you are pulled over for driving while license suspended (DWLS)and you didn't know that your license was suspended when you drove, this is a civil (non-criminal offense) and you are just given a written citation. When you are just given a written citation, if you pay that ticke...

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