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  1. Has it been your experience that the best plea deals come at the beginning of cases? Criminal defense felony

    Answered 6 months ago.

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    A lot of good deals can come at the beginning of the case. Especially if the State Attorney in your area offers a pre-trial diversion program. This program is usually offered at the beginning of the case. In most areas, if you enter into and successfully complete this program the State Attorney will nol pros (drop) the charges. This is an extremely good outcome for your case and, in most areas, this program is usually offered at the beginning stages of a criminal case. If pre-trial...

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  2. My son (13yr old), brainwashed by his father, to worship the FLYING SPAGHETTI GOD religion & wear a pasta drainer to school!?!

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    Divorce is always hard on a family. Especially on children. Your situation sounds especially complicated. Often times a family needs more than just legal assistance to guide them through the divorce process. In Brevard County we have 211 Brevard, a free service to county residents that residents can contact to find a range of information including counseling services to help you and your family through the tough transition that comes with a divorce and separation.

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  3. What does SUSP REPORTED CRIMINAL OFFENSE mean on the register of actions online clerk of court?

    Answered 4 months ago.

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    I usually suggest contacting a local attorney directly to get personal and specific advice about your situation rather than totally relying general advice prior to calling your probation officer (PO) about a potential problem with your probation. Reason being, there maybe more to your situation that an attorney can flush out when speaking with you personally. Additionally, in Brevard County where I practice, attorneys can access some court documents on-line and may be able to look up your case...