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E. McCullough’s client reviews

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  • Good settlement agreement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    A little over a year ago, I hired Tim to recover money from a contractor who took money ($18,000+) from me up front for a construction project and never even stepped foot on the job. We attempted to ask for the money back before instituting legal action, to no avail. After legal action commenced, it was a matter of time, in fact right after they answered my complaint, before they settled on a payment plan with interest for the full sum of the monies that were taken from me. To date, the settlement payment plan has not been breached and I am on my way to having all my money back. Thank you so much for your legal help Tim!

  • Better Think Twice Before Hiring Timothy McCullough

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    I / we (along with hundreds of other purchasers) were involved with a real estate scam that involves the developer and the lender, Bank of America. After a private conference call the land owners were having with a representative of the development, Timothy McCullough contact us as well the other land owners in this fraudulent development (I have no idea how he got access to listen in on this call) with the following statement to us:

    “You may sue under the Interstate Land Sale Full Disclosure Act, for fraud, negligence, breach of contract and various other laws which protect individuals from being deceived. You are entitled to rescission and all damages contemplated by law, including purchase price, closing costs, taxes and interest. You can sue Briar Rose LA, Ginn, perhaps your bank, especially if it is BOA, appraisers realtors and closing agents. At the least you could seek cancellation of mortgages that were obtained by complicity in this fraud and predatory lending. I have been shocked at the passivity of this group, especially in light of the incredible distress caused by this obvious fraud. I listened to a conference call between owners and Mr. Malloy and was surprised by the naivete of those involved. The more of you who join in a legal action the greater influence you can exert against the banks and developers who profited from this scam”.

    Long story short, we as well as many others believed in Tim's story and his ability to take on this case and represent us in full force or at least take it to trial as he said he would if necessary. Without going into the disappointing details, Tim's representation of us in this legal matter was EXTREAMLY poor, lacked follow-through and his communication through this process was absolute minimal.

    At this point, we were not only scammed by a fraudulent real estate developer, but also by ambulance chaser attorney.