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  1. Unpaid COA/HOA Assessments:Should You Foreclose and Take the Property?

    Written by attorney Samuel Cooper, about 1 year ago.

    In my practice of representing community associations ("CAs") in Florida, I am often approached by a client or potential client and asked, "Should we foreclose on the home?" Well, like any good, annoying attorney depends. It depends on your main concern. Are you wanti...

  2. Florida Foreclosure: A Basic Introduction

    Written by attorney Samuel Cooper, over 1 year ago.

    FORECLOSURE. What is it exactly? How long does it take? What are my rights as a tenant in a foreclosed home? What should I do if I get served papers? Do I have to keep paying my mortgage? If the bank forecloses, can it still sue me for the amount I owe? These questions are just...

  3. Help! My Landlord is Getting Foreclosed! -- Tenants & Foreclosure

    Written by attorney Samuel Cooper, over 1 year ago.

    So, you have rented the perfect home. You finally got that last box unpacked. Time for a glass of wine, dock the iPhone, and play your favorite Schubert, or maybe you kick back on the couch, pop open a brewski, and watch the game live in 1080HD. Life is good, right? Just then, th...

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