William David Umansky

William David Umansky

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What is Expungement?
Beginning the Expungement Process
Obtaining the Expungement Packet
Certificate of Eligibility
Precautions of the Expungement Process
The Order and Petition
Sending Out the Expungement Package

Expungement Waiting Process
How to Avoid Probation Violations
How Do You Violate Probation?
Introduction to Probation
What Happens If I Violate Probation?
Dealing With a 3rd DUI
Should I Accept First PI Offer?
Can I Appeal a DUI I Plead No Contest To?

Will My Insurance Increase With a DUI?
What Do I Face For a First Forgery Case?
Suspended License With a DUI
Repeat Resisting Arrest Charges
Do Resisting Arrest Charges go to Trial?

Bill Talk about Everyone Deserving a Second Chance. As a criminal lawyer and personal injury attorney, Bill feels that people deserve a second shot at life and he explains his philosophy here in this video!

About Me 

William D. Umansky has over a decade of experience to offer any client, especially in the area of criminal defense and personal injury. He has an insight into the workings of the prosecution because his career includes experience as both a former Assistant State Attorney in Florida and The City Prosecutor for the City of Orlando. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Umansky was in charge of the Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Division. He has also been a Police Academy Instructor, an Adjunct Professor at Florida Metropolitan University, and a Legislative Assistant to a United States Senator. Mr. Umansky's entire career has centered on the legal process, both as a prosecutor and now a defender of those accused of illegal behavior.

During his career, Mr. Umansky has remained involved in his community and is an active part of Florida's legal system. He belongs to the Orange Bar Association, acting as Co-Chair of the Orange County Bar Criminal Law Committee for several years. He is a member of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys Association.

Mr. Umansky graduated cum laude from the University of South Florida with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and obtained his law degree from the University of Florida College of Law. During law school, Mr. Umansky was a member of the University of Florida Trial Team and received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the University of Florida Law School. He also earned an award for achieving the top grade for his work in Negotiations and Dispute Settlement. Mr. Umansky also attended the Tulane Institute of European Legal Studies.

Mr. Umansky is admitted to practice in the Florida State Courts and the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida.

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