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  1. Can I be jailed twice for contempt (served 60 days for not paying fine) judge said no more warrants. New judge appointed now?

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    You need to contact an attorney ASAP so that they can look into the history of your case or cases. Generally speaking a person cannot be sentenced twice for the same act within a single jurisdiction. However, contempt is a judiciary power and separate from that of the executive branch (i.e. the State).

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  2. Although my question was answered using this forum, I still wonder about erroneous conviction on the face of the record.

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    2. William A. Jones Jr.
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    Short answer is that you possibly can. I would need to know a lot more about how you became convicted and wha rights you were informed of either by the court, plea form or by counsel. I have been able to get prior convictions stricken when a person was not made aware of certain constitutional rights that were being waived. Give me a call and we can chat about it. Kendell K. Ali 407.443.8459

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  3. My husband is in jail for a cop . He asked them for seizure medication and they put him in the box .

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    If your husband was having a seizure and was therefore unable to control his actions. He has a clear defense to that case. A battery on a law enforcement officer is a specific intent crime which requires not only the intent to touch or strike but also the intent to do it to a person that you believe is a law enforcement officer. I highly recommend that you contact a private attorney soon to discuss all criminal and civil options your husband has. My phone number is 407.443.8459 if you should...

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