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  • My husband is in jail for a cop . He asked them for seizure medication and they put him in the box .

    He had a seizure why he was in there . Now he is being changed with battery on a office . Because the officer got in the way of his seizures . When they did give him his medication they gave him to many mg . and it put him in a coma for days a...

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    If your husband was having a seizure and was therefore unable to control his actions. He has a clear defense to that case. A battery on a law enforcement officer is a specific intent crime which requires not only the intent to touch or strike but also the intent to do it to a person that you believe is a law enforcement officer. I highly recommend that you contact a private attorney soon to discuss all criminal and civil options your husband has. My phone number is 407.443.8459 if you should want to talk.

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  • Although my question was answered using this forum, I still wonder about erroneous conviction on the face of the record.

    Can I file a 3.800 motion attacking those convictions which on the face of the record were illegal because they did not apply to my conduct. The state criminalized my conduct using the wrong statutes but those statutes were not violated yet I stan...

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    Short answer is that you possibly can. I would need to know a lot more about how you became convicted and wha rights you were informed of either by the court, plea form or by counsel. I have been able to get prior convictions stricken when a person was not made aware of certain constitutional rights that were being waived. Give me a call and we can chat about it. Kendell K. Ali 407.443.8459

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  • Can I be jailed twice for contempt (served 60 days for not paying fine) judge said no more warrants. New judge appointed now?

    Yes I just wanted to know if I can be found in contempt twice for not paying court cost $541.50 I was sentenced to serve 60 days in 2007, which I thought was crazy. I told the judge I was unable to pay the fine. He told me there would be no more w...

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    You need to contact an attorney ASAP so that they can look into the history of your case or cases. Generally speaking a person cannot be sentenced twice for the same act within a single jurisdiction. However, contempt is a judiciary power and separate from that of the executive branch (i.e. the State).

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