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State v. S.C.

Case Conclusion Date: 11.15.2012

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: The judge dismissed three of the four counts and allowed the last count to goto the jury. The jury found my client not guilty. At the age of 17 my client was given a second chance at living as normal of a life as possible. Justice was served.

Description: This was an Orange County case that started out as a juvenile matter, but was quickly transferred to adult court. My client was facing charges involving raping a six year old girl. My client was 15 at the time of the allegations. After extensive preparation, a trial was conducted on the charges. As a result of skillful, cross examination (and a little bit of luck), the alleged victim's testimony was disarmed and the jury was still left with a favorable impression of her and of my client. However, the same cannot be said for the little girl's mother who spanks her with a spatula and forced the little girl to testify, resulting in the little girl being afraid.

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