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Sonica Rhodes Cinami

Sonica Cinami’s client reviews

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  • Excellent and Ethical attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    I retained Sonica mid way through a very difficult divorce and custody battle. After my last attorney, she was a breath of fresh air. Sonica cared about my case, the welfare of my children and about me. She even handled an emergency for me when she was on vacation.

    Unlike my other attorney, she wasn't afraid to go to court to protect the children.

    The results speak for themselves:
    1. My children are with me 80% of the time
    2. I no longer have to pay child support ( We could not prove that my ex-husband business makes more than $4,000/year, she was able to impute his income to minimum wage)
    3. The children now have their own beds when they visit their father.

    Before you obtain a lawyer, please ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Do you want an attorney who is ethical?
    2. Do you want an attorney that cares for your welfare and your children's welfare?
    3. Do you want an attorney that isn't afraid of litigation?
    4. Do you want an attorney that only charges your for services rendered and does not pad the bill?
    5. Do you want an attorney who isn't afraid of hard work?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider setting up a consult with Sonica.

  • Controlled A Bad Divorce Situation - Got Me Excellent Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I chose Sonica because I was a person in a divorce situation with an x-partner that was unreasonable, dishonest, and uncooperative. I had started my divorce without an attorney, but my X didn't seem to respond to anything except for legal action. The process took about 2 years between mediation efforts, the divorce, and support modifications, and the courts in the county were backed up. Sonica makes efforts to be fair to both parties in the divorce. She was realistic with me and didn't make false promises. She got me better results than were expected. Though no one wants to be a legal divorce situation and it can be frustrating, going with Sonica really paid off for me and I am happy with the outcome.

  • To SC & KH, Thank you for your time......Sincerely, the Grinch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carl

    First things first, I call it like I see it. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't retain the services of Sonica. A brief description of what went on: I live out of state and my daughter lives with the mother in FL. My daughters mother filed reckless and malicious accusations against me in regards to wrongful discipline and inappropriate touching of our daughter during her summer visit. Short of being called a child molester, I was pretty dam angry. The mother was calling for a stoppage and supervised visitation of our current court orders. Despite two denials by two differnt judges in two different counties and a DCF investigation, all holding no grounds for her allegations, she took the law into her own hands and refused visitation between my daughter and I. So the only recourse I felt I had was to challenge for full custody. I had consulted w/ a different lawyer prior to retaining the services of Sonica, and felt he was just giving me the answers I wanted to hear and their firm just wanted my money. Sonica on the other hand, was up front and right to the point, no bullshit!! She explained a lot in detail even during the initial consultation. In her explaniations of what to expect and how big of a battle I may expect to fight, she didn't sugar coat it!! From begining to end I was very confident in all of her legal abilities. Multiple times during the litigation she explained deadlines, exact needs of the content of evidence and how much of my participatioin to produce this was extremely vital. I never experienced any delays or misunderstanding between her staff nor her at any time. Despite many calculated expected delays by the opposing party, she was always ready for any counter reaction. I'm not saying Sonica was there to pick a fight, but she just knew when the other side was up to something and was informative of what we should do. In the begining Sonica said our case should take 6-9 months, our case took 13 months (delays included) Four (yes, I said 4) of those consecutive months were caused by the courthouse, two months were caused by opposing party, so.....Sonica had it right! She knows her stuff, I'd hire her again in a heartbeat, thanks for the victory Sonica.

  • Terrible!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I hired Sonica to handle a simple uncontested divorce. Something that should have taken a couple of weeks ended up taking months. She never returned my phone calls and if she was missing a document to proceed she would wait for me to finally get a hold of her (after weeks of leaving messages) to let me know that something was incorrect or missing. She didn't seem to know much about the law and I do not feel she was serving my best interest. The uncontested divorce was very cheap ($1400), however it is not worth it!!! Just do the paperwork yourself, it will be less work than hiring this lawyer!