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Grady Gaston Ayers

Grady Ayers’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Antonio

    Good attorney

    I'm happy I have Mr Ayers fighting for in my dis establishment case he is a fighter for me an I truly believe he is giving it his all. Men deserve to be treated fairly when a mother tries to defraud a man for child support. I recommended Mr Grady Ayers.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Sal


    Attorney Grady Ayers represented me on a criminal case and a civil injunction and did absolutely nothing at all for me. He just kept stringing me along taking my money, he tried to use scare tactics threatening me with prison time so that I would plead out to a lesser charge. I had a civil hearing for an injunction that was placed against me, Mr Ayers promised me that he would make the injunction mutual which he did not. My life has been a living hell because Mr Ayers did not make the injunction mutual, my family amd I are uncomfortable in our own house due to Mr Ayers negligence. Mr Ayers had the audacity to tell me to not come out of my own house and basically had an "oh well theres nothing you can do about it demeanor" about the issues I was having regarding my injunction. He did nothing whatsoever for me at my injunction hearing, I would have been better off representing myself. All of my concerns that I addressed to Mr Ayers, he did not address any of my concerns at my injunction hearing. After expressing to Grady that he dropped the ball on my case by not making the injunction mutual, he then wanted to move forward and amend the injunction to make it mutual. He told me there was no court order for child support, acting as if that were a victory when eventually child support will be ordered and I will have to pay back pay. Mr Ayers showed no willingness to fight for me on my case, he didnt seem to care about me, all he wanted was my money. Mr Ayers was very disrespectful, as I was trying to express my concerns to Mr Ayers he was defensive and argumentative, he wouldnt let me get in a word to express my concerns basically trying to shut me up. I fired Mr Ayers from my case for his negligence and poor representation, I had witnesses and he did not take depositions or statements from them, he completely dropped the ball. Mr Ayers was very bitter and spiteful after I fired him from my case, i already paid him $1,500 before I fired him and he tried to use scare tactics telling me I still needed to pay him $1,800 and that if I did not pay he would take me to small claims court and that they would suspend my license which is a total lie. I would never recommend Grady Ayers to any one, i am disappointed by the way he tried to handle my case. I expect a lawyer to act with more class, his behavior was disgusting and I cant believe that he treated me with such disrespect, no one should be treated that way. I warn any one that reads this to proceed with caution if you are considering hiring Grady Ayers as your lawyer. I would not recommend Mr Ayers services or representation to anyone, he is a money hungry lawyer who does not have the best interest for his clients.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Timothy


    I have used Grady Ayers for over 17 years and he has always been by my side,He has always been honest with me and has come to be like family to me and cheryl has always been a blessing to me , Thank you

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by renita


    loved the outcome on each case he has handled for me will strongly pass his serves alone to anyone who needs an attorny!!!