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Tracey Gail Kagan

Tracey Kagan’s client reviews

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  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barry

    I heard about Tracey while being extradited to Florida. All this guy kept saying was how much he loved his lawyer. I was in need of a lawyer so I had my family reach out to her. She was nice and made my family feel optimistic. The Florida Judicial system was railroading me (I'm from NY) but all started to change after hiring Ms. Kagan. She responded fast regarding my case by filling a bunch of motions. She even had multiple orders of protections dismissed. My cases never went to trail and I was freed. I hired her again and I won without going to trail or being extradited. Her assistant was always available and helpful. In addition, It appeared that Osceola county Judges and clerks acknowledged and respected Tracey. Her fees are fair and she worked with me regarding payments. Tracey appeared to care, worked very hard and most important awarded me justice.

  • Want the best chance in the courtroom, easy Kagan law Outstanding Professional, and WINNER`S

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard.

    I had gotten 2 DUI`S, Both felony`s. Within 8 days apart. I thought there`s no way I`m not going to prison. I called Tracey, we had done a case a few years before, same result, WIN ! Did I tell you that I was out on bail with an ankle monitor when I caught the second one. Now I`m looking at losing IT ALL. She came to visit me in lock-up numerous times,explaining in detail what she was doing ! Was always available to take call`s, if not, her well versed & most compitant asst. Jetsy was there to ease the load building up. I can not express my greatfullness enough, for the time & energy displayed by them every step of the way. Would I recommend Tracey ? Absolutely. Hopefully I won`t, but if anyone asks do you know a good lawyer ? I will gladly inform them of the Kagan team. Earned my trust from the first minute we met !!! Client Richard M.

  • Very Satisfied Customer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Salvador

    I was involved in a First time DUI and was completely nervous about the situation, Attorney Tracey Kagan made me feel at ease with her experience and knowledge and kept me informed throughout the entire procedure. She was able to help me in my case and with the DMV to obtain a driver's license right away. I was very pleased with the resolution of my case and the professionalism Attorney Kagan and staff used in my case. I wouldn't hesitate to refer my family and/or friends to trust in her work and knowledge in any legal issue that may arise.

  • Tracey Kagan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Tracey was a great attorney. She handled all my legal issues which ranged from a felony drug charge to a DUI. She handled everything professionally and always did what was in my best intrests. The only negative was that communication at times could use improvement, if you say you will return a phone call, then do it. I would use Tracey again in an instant. She went beyond for me and took care of all my legal issues and I would have no problem using her to handle any future legal issues from speeding tickets on up, hopefully I never have too, lol, but if need be I would not hesitate and hire Tracy again. Thank you Tracey.

  • Tracey my guardian angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sergio

    I am not to proud to say that in the last couple of years I have gotten my share of speeding tickets and up to date I have no points on my license ( thanks to Tracey ), I have referred friends and family ranging from traffic to Federal Cases with all positive feedback. To my surprise the more complicated the case may be, that's her comfort zone she gets results. I have worked in the past with other Lawyers and at the beginning all sounds good but when you pay up it's a different story, Tracey I can honestly say shoots from the hip till the end. What am trying to say is if you want excellent legal representation look no further otherwise waste your money on fortune tellers, GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Child Support

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I hired Tracey Kagan for child custody case, when I first met with Tracey she was nice, polite and said she would be there for me but, it wasn't like that at all. When it came to my case she would never return my phone calls. I spoke with her secretary more then Tracey, which was no help. when it came time for mediation she was not on time, which made me look bad in court and she was not prepared with my paper works. I would not recommend Tracey Kagan to anyone, I trusted her with my case and spend hundreds of dollars behind her and i received nothing in return.

  • She has to be one of the saints

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My son has spent the last twelve years be pursued by our justice system for child support for a child he supposedly conceived at 16. He didn't even know about this child until after he was 18 and because child support had started to pay, after several attempts, the payments could not be contested even with a DNA test. This has affected his license as it was a major issue that caused it to be suspended and, unfortunately, pressure circumstances made him feel forced to violate that suspension through the years whether to make a job interview or try to get sick children to an ER and he would get caught with excessive speed or something else. Each time he became part of the numbers and regardless of the circumstance, the law wouldn't show mercy and heavy fines and probation would be imposed which created more negative financial burdens and appointments that had to be kept which caused more pressure.

    Through the years, it seemed like something bigger than we could understand was just waiting in the wings to take him down every possible opportunity, but the biggest hindrance was the suspension of his license. How does someone survive, comply with financial penalties, trying to work and have a family life without a license in Florida? It's not like the big cities where there is mass transit.

    In the past, because he, as well as ourselves, have not been financially strong, different circumstances which had come up threw him into the system of assembly line processing and severe judgement by those who we needed to help him to be able to work so he could pay not only the child support, but to keep his young family from becoming part of the statistics of so many that are suffering right now financially.

    I'm not sure how we found Tracey as my daughter-in-law called me with her name. When I called, I couldn't possibly give a full history, but in our brief conversation, expressed that he needed someone to understand that his heart was to work and accept his circumstances and all we could hope for was that she could help.

    Tracey, in my dauther-in-law's words, pulled off a miracle. She must be very trusted and respected among the Orange County legal system as she was able to do something that other attnys not only said most likely wouldn't be able to be done, but she worked with us financially so we could make things happen and compensate her, in a manner that doesn't seem enough for what she did for my son. I hope he is meek enough to recognize what has happened for him and that he runs with this opportunity and completes successfully working with her to get his license back.

    But, regardless, I want to thank Tracey for taking his case, one that looked pretty hopeless and made him look to be a lost cause.

    And, for anyone who reads this, please join my family in agreement for Tracey's practice to prosper abundantly to the point of surplus and for her heart being open to give special attention to recognize 'special' cases and people needing that extra chance that only grace and mercy could provide through willing people.

  • Good Law Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I received a ticket when a speeding unmarked Orange County Officer darn near side swiped me on the 417. I could tell you all of the detail, but the reality was that I did not want the ticket, did not want to see the "officer" again, and did not want to pay this unconscionable fine. I contacted the offices of Kagan, in Orlando, was represented by Hampton and it was handled. I paid $89 (I had no accidents, no tickets, and carry a commercial drivers license). After the case was dismissed I filed for a refund and it was granted. So, $89 to not have to take the day off of work, not have to drive to Orange County (I live in Brevard), and not to have to see the lying sack who can't drive and hides behind his badge.... I good deal every day of the week. 4 stars since they really don't tell you what is going on. 5 stars overall since they did exactly as they promised to do - make the case go away painlessly and inexpensively without injury to my driving record and automobile insurance. If needed-the first phone call I will be making.
    Thank you Kagan and Hampton. John_V