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Mitzi Sommer Carr

Mitzi Carr’s Answers

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  • Would this be considered extortion?

    I am a RN and I suffered a crisis and fell behind on my rent. I post dated a check and it bounced. I tried to call my landlord to let them know I had a crisis agency that would be sending half the money and I would be sending the other half. He sa...

    Mitzi’s Answer

    Pursuant to 772.11, Florida Statutes, your landlord could send a demand to you in which you would have thirty (30) days from receipt for the specific theft/exploitation (worthless check), and he may also seek treble damages. My first recommndation is that you make good on the check. Before he can kick you out, he must serve you with a 3 day notice in which you would be provided with 3 business days in which to vacate the premises. If he is owed money, he is correct in that your security deposit would be applied to any unpaid rent.

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  • In a personal injury case. After settlement how long does it take to negotiate medical bills

    Believe it ir not, my attorney sent a demand to the insurance company for the full value if the policy and they agreed!! So, we have settled. Now my attorneys paralegal is negotiating my medical bills. How long can this take. Better yet do they ha...

    Mitzi’s Answer

    Although there is no set timeframe in which to negotiate medical bills, before we take a cut out of the settlement for our fees and costs, it is our firm's practice to negotiate and finalize the amounts that each provider and/or insurer is claiming out of the settlement. As soon as we receive written confirmation that an insurer accepted our demand and agrees to settle for a certain amount, we begin contacting the providers/insurers to negotiate the monies they are owed. I suggest sending your attorney an email and asking for a written summary of the medical bills that your attorney has negotiated and request a written status of the settlement. I wish you the best.

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