DUI arrest - Not convicted

Mark Nickolas Longwell

Case Conclusion Date:June 12, 2012

Practice Area:DUI / DWI

Outcome:DUI charge dropped

Description:County Court, Orange County Charge: Driving Under the Influence / DUI, Reckless Driving, Driving without Headlights, and Driving Off Roadway Summary of Facts: Police observed our client allegedly driving in downtown Orlando without headlights. Police claim client drove up onto sidewalk, almost striking a pedestrian. Once stopped, police claim client appeared impaired by alcohol and arrested him for DUI, Reckless Driving, and cited him with 2 civil infractions. Client allegedly refused a breath test. Client’s driver’s license was suspended by DHSMV for refusing to take a breath test. Client also had a prior DUI arrest from 2008. Result: We won the client’s Driver’s License back at a Formal Review Hearing. At trial on the DUI, the State dropped the DUI charge. The Client pled to Reckless Diving only. The civil infractions were all dismissed.