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Lisa Franchina’s client reviews

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    Posted by Barbara


    I hired Lisa to assist with my divorce. She did not listen to my needs and presented absolutely ridiculous property settlement agreements, never addressing the things that I felt were important. Such as removing my name from mortgages from the properties I was willing to turn over to my husband without any compensation. I wanted to go to trial, and she was adamant about not going to to trial. Perhaps she was scared of trial work. I and then received yet another unacceptable property agreement. stating that my husband would "attempt" to remortgage the homes. Period, that was it, no recourse, no explanation as to what he was going to do, and no time limit as to when he had to have this done. As written , this could have gone on forever, without any punishment should he not get my name off the mortgages. When I refused to sign she demanded $5000 more to go to trial. BY the way, I fired her soon after and we never went to trial. She did not return my $5000.
    She also refused to address the thousands of dollars my husband converted from my father's bank accounts to his own private use, without anyone's knowledge or permission, telling me that this was not appropriate in this venue. (!!!?????) I thought Defrauding the elderly was important in any venue.
    I have never been so disappointed and personally mistreated by any attorney I've ever dealt with. I fired her after she assured me that the above described property settlement agreement giving my husband an open ended condition for removing my name from the mortgages. "He would make his "best" efforts, means absolutely nothing. When I asked her if she thought this was a good idea, she said yes. With that I fired her.
    I have never received a written bill, or statement even though I have asked multiple times, in writing, face to face and n the phone. A year later I am still waiting, and I had to retain a new attorney, and pay again for the same services. At least this one acted as if he cared, and wanted to protect and represent me.
    Ms Franchina treated me as if I was simply a pimple on her ass that she wish would pop and go away. It took another year+ to get the divorce. It should not have been that difficult. I had all the evidence we needed, in his handwriting. I was also missing my mother's wedding china, silver and extra pieces. I didn't want money, I just wanted those 66+ year old Nortaki translucent bone china with a platinum rim back. The sentimental value far exceeded the thousands of dollars the china was worth. I care for my mother who is in end stage Alzheimers. My DAD COLLAPSED AND DIED SOON AFTER HE WAS TOLD OF THE THEFTS FROM HIS BANK ACCOUNTS.. Again, no one seems to care, especially this attorney.
    I was left so uninformed that I put off a surgery I desperately needed as I didn't know if or when I'd have insurance. Months would go by, and unless I called, I rarely , if ever heard from her. Then it was mostly by email.
    Let the buyer beware, do your due diligence before you hire an attorney. Ms. Franchina was recommended by a friend who is also an attorney. I wish I'd looked into her myself instead of listening to a trusted friend.
    I will be filing a formal complaint with the Florida Bar as soon as this divorce is final.....

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    She's aggressive, but not for your cause

    Lisa was very hard to get a hold of. She will only e-mail and even that did not guarantee a timely response. I never felt as if she were working for me, it felt as if she was more interested in representing the other party. Thousands of dollars later, I switched to a different attorney. Almost one year into my divorce, Lisa was not even able to secure a minimal child support payment. Don't waste your time or money, especially if it is a delicate case involving children.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Lisa Franchina -

    I thought Lisa would provide aggressive representation. It turned out she had her own agenda and didn't provide accurate information in a timely manner. She made offers that were not approved by me, therefore hindering my negotiations for settlement. Unprofessional and her way or the highway demeanor. Did not appear to be a "counselor" of quality advice