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I am the only BOARD CERTIFIED DUI DEFENSE EXPERT with offices in Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, Tavares or Longwood.  Further, I am one of only three Board Certified DUI Defense Experts in the state of Florida.  I am nationally recognized as a DUI Defense Expert by the National College for DUI Defense which is accredited by the American Bar Association.  I have authored or co-authored 6 books on DUI defense including two training manuals used by other lawyers to learn to defend DUI cases.  I enjoy what I do for a living.  I am constantly reading books on DUI defense techniques and remain on the cutting edge of DUI defense.  I also enjoy attending numerous seminars throughout the year on DUI defense and scientific evidence.  My association with the National College for DUI Defense allows me access to lawyers and expert witnesses throughout the country who can provide help to tailor a custom defense to your needs. Although an application is pending with the Florida Bar,  DUI is not yet recognized as a specialized area of law in Florida, therefore please note that I am not certified as a specialist by the Florida Bar.

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