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Blair Thomas Jackson

Blair Jackson’s client reviews

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  • Honest and Trustworthy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J.D.

    Hired Attorney

    Mr. Jackson is honest and professional. He is very knowledgeable and represented me with the utmost professionalism. He took the time to explain all of my legal options and helped me make the right decision for me. I highly recommend Mr. Jackson for your legal needs.

  • Better off defending yourself

    1.0 star

    Posted by JoelRuiz

    I'm surprised that Jackson has not had a review yet. First off, he was not the first choice as my lawyer. My real lawyer was defending my co-defendant so could not represent me.  I went with Jackson solely on the referral from my bail bonds man since He always took care of me.  I was looking at  3-5 for a drug charge and was expecting my first child.  I never really met jackson in the beginning, it wasn't till after a fallout with his partner that he took interest in my case. He gave me the option to choose either one but made the other guy look incapable of doing a good job and since the other guy wasn't there to defend himself or contacted me to show interest in my case I went with Jackson. Big mistake. The only good thing Jackson did was buy me time to be there for my new family. Two years passed by before we were ready for trial, at this point he had me sold that we had a good chance at trial. As we  were ready for trail the state wasn't, so it got pushed back some more. At this point I had faith that we really had a shot. Then the prosecutor asked to interview my mother in private off the record which was weird. After a couple of hours the prosecutor comes down from the mandatory minimum 3 years to probation. I was even more convinced that I should go to trial. But Jackson's whole attitude changed 
    Now that there was no time on the table and was paid he did everything he could to convince me to take the deal. Jackson even brought up my past criminal record and how if we go to trial I still might lose, so I would not be around for son. He played at all my heart strings, after over two years he new a lot about me and used it to his advantage. Jackson new I was concerned about employment and even said he would help me find a job. For those couple of hours Jackson was my best friend. The best thing Jackson offered me was the selling point for me taking the deal. Jackson told me I only had to do half the sentence and after that he would get it off my record. Now that was a dream come true, no jail and a second chance. And for some reason the original $6000 I agreed to pay his firm went up to $6500 and he even said I didn't have to pay the balance. So  I took the deal. It took everything I had to stand up straight just so I could that paper.
     As a result of me taking the deal I lost my license for two years, lost my job, got fined $53,000 dollars, get 2 years house arrest followed by 5 years of probation and 150 hours community service. Blair Jackson assured me again that I would only be doing half of the program and that the fines would be reduced due to me not being financially able to pay them.