Amanda Marie Sampaio

Amanda Marie Sampaio

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My objective in defending a criminal case is to clear my client of all charges if possible. I research each case individually and look for ways to fight the charges.  I seek to fully advise my client of all options available and let them make the final decision.  It is important that all clients know their rights and that I protect their rights and freedoms.  It is very easy for a good person to get arrested for what could be a simple misunderstanding.  There are other times when people just simply make mistakes and I will do my best to help them with their legal issues.


Being charged with a crime no matter what it is can have serious consequences on a person's life.  I fight hard for all of my clients and I make sure that their rights are protected.  I take the time to really listen to my clients and make sure they understand all of their rights and options.


I was born and raised here in Central Florida and I have worked hard to establish myself as a prominent attorney in this community.  I graduated from the highly ranked Florida State College of Law in 2006 and went straight into criminal defense.  I've handled thousands of cases and have obtained very good results for my clients through hard work and dedication.  


I am very active in the legal community.  I serve as Vice President of the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, chairperson to the Orange County Bar Association's Young Lawyers Section, and I belong to the Central Florida Association of Women Lawyers Mentorship program.  

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