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I grew up in Winter Park, Florida and after obtaining my education, returned to Central Florida to practice law which I have been doing for more than 14 years.  I focus on what is generally called "Family Law" which includes divorce, child support, child custody or "time-sharing" as it is now called in Florida as well as many other areas.  Many attorneys dislike family law but I thoroughly enjoy it.  I enjoy being able to help and counsel people when they are going through divorce and other tough times. I have excellent "people skills" and that allows me to relate to my clients in ways that others cannot.  I also am very passionate about family law because of the fact that children are often involved.  While I take a lot of pride in getting successful results for my clients, my foremost goal is to minimize the impact of any particular legal matter upon the children.  Children aren't the reasons why adults choose to get divorced and they should be treated as the completely innocent parties that they are.  In many ways, I regard myself as a children's advocate because I care deeply about them.  

I chose to begin my own private practice because I did not like what I saw that happens in many law firms. (not necessarily ones that I've worked for)  Large law firms, by their very nature, require substantial amounts of income to pay for their overhead.  In some cases, the firms that advertise spend millions of dollars per year to attract new clients.  As a result, the attorneys are required to generate large amounts of revenue.  This ultimately costs clients significantly more money than if they were to hire an experienced and professional solo practicioner who usually has much lower overhead.

And larger law firms have to bill for nearly every action that they take on behalf of a client.  This also results in higher costs to the client.  Owning my own firm allows me to bill with a very clear conscience and at considerably lower rates than others.  Often it is the people with the least amount of money who need the services of an attorney to help stabilize a family crisis and make sure that all of the children are protected and provided for until cooler heads prevail.  For that and other reasons, I have no "hard and fast" rules for what I will charge a particular client and I frequently offer my services at steep discounts when compared to what others charge.  I am happy to say that I have never turned away a client because he or she did not have enough money to retain my services.  I'm extremely open-minded when it comes to payment plans and the amount that I require in order to  be formally retained by a potential client.  

While this short "note' about me is not intended to comprehensively cover all aspects of my law practice, one additional thing bears mentioning.  I have run across countless individuals who are dissatified with their law firm/lawyer because they cannot manange to simply get their attorney on the phone.  That is not how I practice law.  I promptly return phone calls and am almost always available "after hours" or on the weekends.  After all, everyone has to work and it's naive to assume that everyone can take time out of their workday to contact their attorney.  So I try to make myself available as much as possible.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my qualifications or potentially retaining me.

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