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Jonathan Benson Alper

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  • Jon Alper - Florida's and America' best Asset Protection Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robin

    I am a professional risk and opportunity management consultant. Our company in March 2015 completed probably the largest Predictive Analytic study of Asset Protection ever completed. We used a relatively new concept called ediscovery using the most advanced data mining techniques available to analysis 1948 medical malpractice lawsuit court case files in Florida's 21 largest population judicial court districts over a ten year period (2005-2014). at a cost of nearly $600,000. Expecting to find the best methods of protecting physicians in medical malpractice lawsuits. As we worked long complex decision trees, the results keep pointing not one or a few approaches , but each time a new decision tree was followed in any of the jurisdictions in or near Orlando was explored the best results for defendant (the physician being sued) was not any of the expected methods normally used, but pointed the work products of Jonathan Alper, the evidence was overwhelming it was the attorney that was the conditioning factor in the most possible positive outcomes for the client. We congratulate Jon not only for his superior representation of clients, but that he publishes his approach on the Internet to share with his fellow professionals

  • successful bankruptcy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Used Mr. Alper for a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. The case was filed and closed with no problems and all debts discharged. Another attorney told me that Alper is one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in the Orlando area.

  • estate planning

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Very clear explanation of complex terms. Good follow up with returning phone call. Staff was helpful. Very happy with estate plan and asset protection work.

  • review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ray Hagood

    This attorney demanded a Retainer, (the document stated it was non refundable, but I didn't notice that ) but his services were never required. He would not give any portion of the retainer back as other attorneys do. He told me to giving him several hundred dollars for a reference to obtain an out of state bank account, which was not necessary or required by that bank. That bank opens accounts for out of state applicants as a normal part of their business. The best way to protect your assetts is to not use this guy.

  • Very valuable asset protection advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Used this attorney for asset protection. Did not meet him personally. Consulted with phone conference. He did not offer a free consultation, but I understand because his advice is very valuable. He is certainly the most knowledgeable asset protection attorney I've spoken with. He worth whatever he charges. He was nice to answer follow up questions a week later without more fees.

  • Outside my expertise

    1.0 star

    Posted by Duped

    That is what he told me AFTER he charged me EXTRA for 'what he ordinarily does for $300 per hour.
    I hired him upon his student loan knowledge and willingness to help me in that field. After calling another lawyer I had to discuss what I already told him (thus I had to pay TWO lawyers for 15 minutes at that rate) he told me he couldn't help with my specific Student loan issues!

  • wasted my money

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    500 dollars for 45 minutes? Explained my case ahead of time, coaxed me to come in after 45 minutes he wanted me out the door and set up additional appointment. Really disappointed, learned nothing.

  • behind closed doors

    1.0 star

    Posted by Henry

    Mr Alper did my bankruptcy,
    A hard time many a family went through in the past few years, his compassion was non existent and his disdain plentiful, his detachment entire, he operates from a make up office/converted garage in the shadow of a family home in residential gated community,
    In fact the best part of the whole experience was meeting and petting his dog which freely roams the office.
    After initial consultation and payment, You visiting his office to ask for advice or drop off paperwork FORGET IT, no, let me be clear F O R G E T I T !!!!!!!!!!
    I was once driving past his office/residence on my way to conduct my work business and thought let me drop of the paperwork his office requested, (his office is some 50 miles from my home) as he don't allow use of Fedex and UPS and my paperwork was loaded with my confidential information, and as I was there any way. here is an opportunity to save $20 on postage, and expedite the request. You can blame me for thinking this way but when you are in bankruptcy you are desperate and $20 is lots of money. On the gate, security guy said Mr Alper does not allow in person/hand delivery, I urged the gate guy to call his office which is some couple hundred yards inside this residential community, and the answer was NO drop of in person,
    I don't know is this a community rule where he lives/works or Mr Alpers own way to keep boundary between him and his clients but either way it did not work for me and it cost me more money.
    Responses (from his secretary / legal assistant) to questions and concerns through e mail were met with dismissal or one liner, need to know sentences, there was simply NEVER a single please or thank you in any of the correspondence. Now dry and detached, I understand, I have dealt with many a creditor but this was down right unprofessional and bad service having paid $1600. Seriously even creditor demand letters have please and thank you somewhere inside them.
    I chose Mr. Alper as I saw him being active on number of local bankruptcy forums and thought he was somebody who would be none of the above, but the service was as described,
    A while after my bankruptcy was concluded I contacted his office to ask for a document which I did not have relating to my bankruptcy filing and the answer was GIVE ME MORE MONEY and we will send you a copy of the document! Like dude I just paid you $1600
    Now if this type of service/behavior trills you whilst going through what is probably the hardest time of your / your family's life than as Clint Eastwood almost puts it " go ahead ......... make your day"
    Thank you and be aware out there, great news is there is ton of life past bankruptcy, stay strong.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donna

    Mr. Alper and his paralegal Jackie were extremely helpful during the most financially difficult time in our lives. They made a very difficult situation manageable for us. - from start to finish.

    We were impressed with this firm's knowledge and expertise regarding FL law... and we found them to be highly ethical. They are professionals who offer excellent legal advice and service and we found them to be helpful, responsive and informative every step of the way. They are direct and straightforward in their communication, which is not always what clients want to hear, but surely need to hear...

    We highly recommend Mr. Alper to anyone who is having serious financial issues and in need of sound legal expertise.

  • I would look elsewhere....

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    I hired this lawyer to help me with student loans, based on his informative website.
    He quoted me $400 for an hour phone call, in which he subsequently didn't offer anything, i felt like i was playing 20 questions. About 1/2 way thru he said he was not qualified to answer student loan questions, he was a bankruptcy lawyer.
    3/4 hour into this he wanted to have a 3 way conversation with my other lawyer, i told him it was not neccesary, since i trusted his info. Meanwhile i wound up paying two lawyers for the time of 1!!! My other lawyer had to get back to him, and he ended my hour long conversation at about 45 minutes.
    At the end, he said he went 'way out of his specialty' and he would have to charge me $500 for this 'hour long' phone call!!!
    I would look elsewhere.....