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Lawrence Joseph Marraffino

About Lawrence Marraffino

About me

I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Attorney, which is the highest recognition given by the Florida Bar for the competence and experience of attorneys.  You want an attorney handling your case that actually goes to trial!!  Don't trust your case to a lawyer who advertises on television and handles thousands of cases.  Your case will be handled by me personally.I have been an attorney for 32 years. I believe that an attorney should be competent and also compassionate and understanding of the problems facing his or her clients.  No one is happy to be going through a divorce, bankruptcy or to be injured in an accident.  When you have to see an attorney for any of these life changing events, your attorney should treat you with respect and dignity and and the attorney's office should be a place of refuge where you can come knowing that your legal matter is being handled competently, timely, and with care and understanding of your needs.  


During the first two years of my practice I represented insurance companies.  I did not like representing insurance companies as I do not believe they treat people fairly.  I now represent only injured people in personal injury cases.  My experience as an insurance attorney has given me valuable experience and training that gives me an advantage over attorney's who have not worked "both sides of the fence."  Now I am on YOUR side!!


I have also filed more than 1500 bankrkuptcy cases during my career.  I do not believe that filing bankruptcy should be a traumatic or embarassing experience for the client.  Financial crisis can happen for a lot of different reasons and no matter what caused your particular situation, you deserve the utmost respect and caring attention from the attorney you hire and his or her staff.  At my office I make sure you receive kind, caring, personal attention. Please take the time to read our client reviews.


I also use my trial experience to handle family law matters of divorce, child custody, and child support.  I understand that going through a divorce or child custody dispute is on of life's most stressful events.  I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Florida before going on to law school.  I understand that practicing family law involves a certain amount of counseing that often goes beyond the law.  It is that part of family law that I enjoy most.  I will fight hard for my clients, but my goal is to resolve your case as efficeintly and quickly as I can, while protecting your interests. 


Call me and I will talk to you personally.


Larry Marraffino