When we first hired Ms. Amonds firm, we were given to Cheryl Alverson, another criminal defense attorney at the office, and were told by Ms. Alverson that certain things would be done and documents filed; we were also told that she would have a bond hearing set up before the arraignment. After a while of things not getting done that she stated she would have done, we set up a meeting with Ms. Amond, the owner of the firm. When we arrived they were already having a meeting about our case because they knew that the ball had been dropped. Ms. Amond gave us her word that Ms. Alverson would have nothing more to do with our case and that she would personally handle it from now on. When the bond hearing finally rolled around 2 weeks AFTER the arraignment, we were told that Ms. Alverson would be representing him at his bond hearing because Ms. Amond had a federal trial that Ms. Alverson is not licensed to participate in. Ofcourse we were aggravated, but because Ms. Amond gave us her word that she would be handling his case, and she could not get out of the federal trial, we agreed. Two days later, we were told that Ms. Alverson would be handling our case for the rest of December. Finally, at the docket day, Ms. Alverson announced that they were ready for trial, so I spoke to their office about it and was told that there would be an additional $1500.00 fee for taking the case to trial (I knew that it would be an extra fee because it was in the contract that I signed), but I got the bill three days ago and it said that I owed $3000.00 for the trial fee. I cannot stand it when people say that they are going to do something and they don't. I don't want you to tell me something just because that's what I want to hear, I want to be told the truth and giving someone your word, especially a client, and then going back on that, is absolutely WRONG! I would not recommend this firm to anyone. They have been untrustworthy since the day we hired them. We are in the process of hiring a new attorney.