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Used to be good

Posted by: a Business client almost 4 years ago.

Overall rating
Kept me informed

I do not recommend Elwin Thrasher

I hired Elwin more than 3 years ago.

Elwin handled my Business matter.

I have previously worked with 6-10 lawyers.

I cannot speak directly to Heckman or Trey Thriasher but Elwin Thrasher has long been my business' attorney. Recently however, he has been totally unresponsive. His assistant seem useless as she has not forwarded any of my calls or emails to him, nor has she been able to answer any questions I have had. I dont know if hes just gotten so rich that he doesnt need clients or work, or if senility is setting in and he just cant remember what he is doing, but I would not recommend this firm to anyone unless they learn to communicate with their clients.