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Jeffrey Robert Ludwig

Jeffrey Ludwig’s client reviews

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  • A five star attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Les

    I have retained Jeff Ludwig on several occasions over the last five years and in each case he was very responsive, professional, knowledgeable and kept me up to date on the case via emails and personal phone calls. I always felt he had my best interest at hand. I have used other attorneys in the past for both business and personal matters but never have I been so satisfied with an attorney. He's a great guy to boot!

  • My experience with Jeffrey Ludwig

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Craig

    I have used Mr. Ludwig a couple times in the past and was quite satisfied with the outcome both times I retained him. He was able to achieve a positive outcome with non-confrontational interaction regarding one concern which is generally a better approach in my estimation but can also attack when necessary.
    His invoices are thorough and easy to comprehend.
    I have absolutely no qualms to highly recommend Jeffrey Ludwig as an extemely competent and effective attorney in both business and aviation endeavors.

  • Do not hire. Everything that is wrong with the American Judicial system. Call me before you take Jeff's advice.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Cathy Kloess 9123227282

    Thank goodness my real defense with the FAA was handled by my son. My son Casey does not have a law degree but he managed to put together a defense for myself and my small company and we received a dismissal from the FAA. Jeff sent documents in black and white instead of color to the FAA. Had those documents been sent in color the FAA would more likely than not have never brought the charges against my company that they did. After we hand carried the color photo to Atlanta to the FAA several of the allegations that Jim Stein (another attorney) brought against my company were dropped. In color the photo clearly shows the areas that Ryan Patanaphan's office had a misconception about. Yes the FAA has "misconceptions" just like the rest of us. Jeff pays no attention to detail. He failed to spell my name correctly and sometimes I was Kathy other times I was Cathy. This went on for about a year! He advised us to continue to operate onto a federally funded airport after the police had shut us down. (Jeff did not understand that we had property right next to the airport and approval to use that property.) My concern is that an attorney can incorrectly advise his client and then the client is forced to retain more legal assistance. The only reason we stayed with Jeff is I did not think that AOPA legal would cover us if we moved to another law firm.
    AOPA's Mike Yodice has advised us that Jeff agreed when he signed up with AOPA to only charge what AOPA is willing to pay. Jeff charged an extra $3132.00 that he is unwilling to give back to a client that was living out of her car while he defended us. Repeatedly he advised me to take whatever "settlement" the FAA offered. Just prior to our dismissal Jeff wrote me an email advising me that it he would require a $10,000 retainer if we took our case to the next level. Once again advising his client to admit to something we did not do while he chose to charge us $100.00 more an hour than his agreement with AOPA legal. Jeff Ludwig is everything that is wrong with the American Judicial system today.

    Jeffrey Robert Ludwig’s response: “I am sorry this reviewer felt the need to make negative comments about the services she received in light of a very positive legal result in an extraordinarily complex aviation legal matter involving trespass on nuclear sub base and an ongoing hostile dispute with the local airport authorities and police. Unfortunately her recitation of the facts is incorrect and selective. She clearly has complete disdain for all the various lawyers involved as well as the legal system in general . We became the second law firm to represent her when she discharged her first lawyer because "he was too expensive". Regardless, we were successful in getting a substantial federal civil penalty dismissed as to her and her company and by any measure, a great legal result. The reimbursement issue was between her and her insurance provider as we did not have an agreement with, nor were engaged by her carrier to represent her. She was billed in accordance with an engagement letter at our standard billing rate. She did get credit against her bill for the carrier payments she received. By the tone of her comments, she is upset by having to pay slightly over $3,000.00 in legal fees for services that were rendered. I am sorry we misspelled her name wrong in a couple of emails on one or two occasions and certainly apologized to her. We wish her and her company well in their future endeavors.”
  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patty

    Jeff Ludwig is a lawyer who does service to his profession. He is always responsive and keeps me informed. Not just a great lawyer, he has become a trusted advisor. I have recommended him to a number of people and would recommend him to anyone looking for excellent legal counsel.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Please do not waste your time or money with this particular attorney. I was referred to him by my companies EAP program for a Quit Claim Deed filing Dec 2011. I paid him over $400 and it was filed. I just received a certified letter from the FL Dept of Revenue auditing me for non payment of Documentary State Tax asociated with this the amount of $800 (tax plus interest and penalty). I called Mr. Ludwig today questioning him about this audit and he would not talk to me unless i agreeded to pay an additional fee for his help. I explained the situation and he got hostile and argumentative. I asked why he never told me about such tax when the Quit Claim was filed...he said I only paid him to prepare and file the deed then hung up on me.
    It is unfortunate that such people are allowed to do business in such a way. I was relying on his expertise to inform me on all assocaited items with the Quit Claim but assumed wrong. Do not waste your time with this man. There are too many attorney's out there.

    Jeffrey Robert Ludwig’s response: “I am sorry this reviewer is unhappy with the service she received. We always try to do the best we can for our clients and we certainly never hang up clients. As she stated, her engagement with us was through her employer's employee assistance program. She was out of state and we never had the pleasure of meeting with her face to face. She requested a quit claim deed be prepared for an ex-boyfriend to sign involving a piece of property she and he owned in Jacksonville. This deed was prepared as she requested, arrangements we made for her ex-boyfriend to come into the office and sign and the deed was recorded on her behalf. This was all accomplished for the amount stated and she was never asked to pay anymore for the service we provided. She appears to have become upset when she was contacted by the state of Florida , asking to pay the taxes due since it involved some mortgage forgiveness. There was nothing we could have done to eliminate this tax. An effort was made to explain this to her on several occasions. Regrettably, it appears she continued to be upset about paying tax.”