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  1. What To Bring To A Trial For Final Hearing - Modification Of Child Support

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Robert Jason De Groot
    2. John Arthur Smitten
    3. Betty Elaine Jones
    4. Stephen Leonard Winig
    5. Zachary Matthew Alfant
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    Attorney Smitten makes a good point. Make sure you bring evidence of day care costs. This will be provided for in the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, and can have a significant impact on the child support amount.

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  2. Hearing was held on 11/20/13. I was NOT given proper notice. How do I get that reheard or get fair explanation time b4 judge.

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Stephen George Henderson
    2. Faith Zettlemoyer Lodder
    3. Zachary Matthew Alfant
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    As far as piggy-backing off of your hearing requests: If there is a hearing set on YOUR motion, and the opposing attorney attempts to bring up and/or argue any other issues that are independent of the motion you have called up, you should immediately object and remind the judge that it is YOUR motion that has been "noticed" for this time. If opposing counsel has issues s/he'd like heard, s/he should file their own motion. Also, simply filing a motion is most likely not sufficient to secure...

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  3. Custody battle Magistrate sent letter in my friends favor for custody, and his wife filed a appeal but never notified him. FL

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Heather Morcroft
    2. Clifford M. Miller
    3. Stephen George Henderson
    4. Zachary Matthew Alfant
    5. A. Sam Jubran
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    Since we are talking about a Magistrate's ruling, I am curious if we are talking about a filing of "exceptions to the Magistrate's recommendation", as opposed to an appeal. Could you clarify?

  4. Child support contempt hearing

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Eric J Trabin
    2. Alec Larkin Weber
    3. Michael T Mackhanlall
    4. William Charles Rosenfelt
    5. Zachary Matthew Alfant
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    He certainly could be put in jail and ordered to pay a purge amount to get out. Honestly, I prefer when the Judge orders a purge to be paid within a certain amount of time, or else... I don't want my payor in jail. I want him out there working and earning money, so that he can pay. However, if it is pattern of willful non-payment, sometimes the only way to get through to them is throw them into jail.