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Barry Barnett Ansbacher

Barry Ansbacher’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Thomas

    No luck at all getting him to even return calls

    I had worked with Mr. Ansbacher as a client in the past and based on that experience would have rated him 5 stars across the board. I recently contacted his office to seek his assistance on an unrelated matter. After several phone calls and zero follow up from them, I have given up and I am looking for another attorney. Although I spoke on two occasions with an attorney in his office, promised information was never delivered. I was promised a call back from Mr. Ansbacher, which I never received. I left several voice messages and sent multiple emails. None of them generated any response at all from Mr Ansbacher or his associates.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    Barry Ansbacher settled for more than other attorneys

    We have hired Barry for construction defects against our builder. Barry is extremely knowledgeable, not only of the building industry itself but on construction practices and Florida state law governing those practices. Barry was honest about what outcome to expect and he never led us in the wrong direction. Due to his knowledge and expertise, Barry Ansbacher was able to settle for more for us than other neighbors, with claims, who hired different attorneys.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael


    Mr. Ansbacher served as counsel for my Condo's HOA in a lawsuit against the builder. We originally retained the services of another firm and it was disastrous. Ansbacher and Associates was hired after we fired the previous firm. Not only were Barry and his team able to get us back on track, they were also able to clean up much of the issues caused by previous counsel. Barry himself is easy to work with and clearly has the best interests of his clients at heart.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    We appreciate the good work of Mr. Ansbacher and his staff

    Mr. Ansbacher certainly knows the home construction codes and what needed to be done by the builder of my home to assure that the structure was built to code. Mr. Ansbacher and his staff were responsive and knowledgeable. They came to my home and examined the structure and completed a detailed report as to what issues needed to be addressed by the builder. Mr. Ansbacher was able to work with all parties involved to come to a successful resolution that gave us peace of mind. His knowledge of the issues was extremely helpful. Its good to have an attorney that knows the building codes and can articulate what the builder needs to do to make your home safe. We appreciate Mr. Ansbacher's hard work as well as his staff's.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Consistent and Reliable

    I am the owner of a multi-media company SPinc. Barry Ansbacher and his team provide me personally and my small business with excellent law services. Lease agreements, and contract negotiations, are two areas that the continued efforts of Ansbacher Law has helped my business grow in this difficult economy. Since 2008, my business has tripled in productivity and Ansbacher Law fought for us every step of the way, negotiating with landlords and other attorneys, making sure we were protected as we out grew one facility and searched for another. Barry makes him self available to me and I am also comfortable when working with Mr. Usery, Tami Holt, and other knowledgeable members of his team. I genuinely feel Im able to produce higher quality work for my clients since Ansbacher Law has alleviated many of the growing pains and logistical concerns of my company.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Charles

    Vista Cove Condo Assn St Augustine, FL Litigation Proceedings

    I was the President of the above Association when Mr. Ansbacher was engaged. The team Mr. Ansbacher assembled to manage our case was outstanding. He is well networked and had a terrific end game strategy.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Barry is THE BEST!

    As President of a 300-unit condominium association, I can't imagine how I would function without Barry's guidance and without the services of his top-notch legal team. Our Board of Directors hired Ansbacher & Associates in 2007. Barry and his firm continue to handle all our legal problems, including the successful collection of monthly fees from our non-paying members and a highly lucrative settlement in our two-year lawsuit against the developer and contractor(s) of our condominium project. Barry has the contacts and the respect from other attorneys, mediators and arbitrators to bring these type cases to a winning conclusion. His wide range of knowledge in real estate law, his attention to even the tiniest detail and his tenacious personality have given our Association a major advantage in this economy. You will never regret hiring him and his firm.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcy

    Ansbacher And Associates, P.A. Firm Greatly Appreciated

    I am a Community Association Manager for a 92 unit condominium complex in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our association has been experiencing extreme difficulties due to the number of foreclosures, high number of association fee arrearages and non-compliance issues. Mr. Ansbacher and his associates have been extremely aggressive in pursuing recovering all monies due to our Association when a unit forecloses. His staff is very knowledgeable about the legal issues we are facing and respond promptly to any questions I or our Board of Directors have. I would highly recommend him & his firm.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Mediation client

    Client Review

    We built our home using a local builder. When the home was nearly two years old we discovered the drywall around our bathroom window was deteriorated and we noticed a constant greenhouse/musty smell in the bathroom as well. We cut a hole into the drywall to look inside the wall and discovered the insulation was wet and rotting. We contacted the builder and they came out and said that our home was over a year old and they were not liable for it beyond that point. That's when we called Barry.
    Barry is extremely knowledgable about the construction industry and the Florida laws governing that industry. He not only represents homeowners like myself but builders as well, making him able to direct his clients as to what path to take and why.
    Barry was very honest about what to expect from our case, time frames, and what we needed to have done in the meantime. Barry has an impressive team of various building industry professionals that he works with closely to assure the reports required for the case are nothing short of "court worthy".
    As Barry predicted, we settled at mediation. We are now in the process of our home being fixed, but that is an understatement. The level of the repair to the entire exterior and interior of our home is one that I believe an attorney with lesser credentials could not have achieved. If you need to go down this road, Barry is the only attorney I would recommend.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Construction client

    I highly recommend this lawyer

    Barry represented us in a construction-defect case. We were the plantiff, a not-for-profit Condominimum Association, and we took on one of the country's largest builders. The issue was that the builder did a very poor job constructing our condo's, specifically the buildings were not constructed up-to-code and the stucco was too thin, and if we did not invest in a major repairs to the buildings, we would be faced with substantial damages to the interior of the buildings in the future. Of course, the builder fought us every step of the way.

    Barry actually took on the case from another lawyer, he helped us catch up quickly in our due diligence as we were way behind in completing the various expert witness testimonies from the engineers and contractors and others that needed to be completed. This was a key turning point in the case because if we had not hired Barry at this point, we would have been doomed because the previous attorney was not suggesting that we hire the necessary expert witnesses to build our case (this of course I did not realize until much later).

    As the case went on, Barry and his team continued to have our back every step of the way. When the day came to give my deposition, Barry was there with me and very well-prepared in assisting during the full day of questioning from the opposing attorney, who of course represented their billion-dollar client as the innocent victim.

    Prior to actually going to trial, there were numerous occasions when Barry went above & beyond the call of duty. I can't list all of them here, but they include working with our expert witnesses, negotating with the opposing attorneys, speaking at our HOA meetings to frantic homeowners, and various other forms of assistance.

    Thanks to Barry and his outstandign team, the case was settled in mediation. His team went above and beyond the call of duty.

    Written by President of this Condo HOA