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Yekaterina Mesic

About Yekaterina Mesic

About me

Our firm handles criminal defense cases, including DUI. We also assist clients with traffic tickets, and expungement.  We also help business owners with their daily issues when it comes to contract review and development, incorporation and business litigation.

In criminal cases, we help clents and their families get their lives back when they are faced with the most difficult situations.  We handle a variety of criminal offenses, such as DUI, Theft crimes, criminal traffic crimes, drug crimes, violations of probation, domestic battery and traffic tickets. We also help clients clear their criminal history through expungement and searling of their record.  


Our small business clients come to us for assistance when they are entering a lease or entering into a contract and need to make sure they are protected. Similarly when a contract is breaked (broken) we help our clients defend their side of the case and make smart business decisions.


The small business cases can also include disputes between businesses, landlord tenant issues, foreclosure defense and contract review. 


We handle collection cases on both plaintiff and defense sides, and frequently defend our clients against garnishment and levy proceedings.


Please call our office, we can help (904) 619-2510.

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