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Rebecca Cook Black

About Rebecca Black

About me

I spent fifteen years working in the Food and Beverage industry, in the US, Spain and in France. In Spain I worked in various restaurants- as an apprentice chef in ARZAK in San Sebastian, a general manager in Seville, as an Owner/operator in Irun and as the dessert maker at La Masia del Vino in Valencia. In France I was part of the opening team at EuroDisney- being the General Manager for the Park Side Diner in the Hotel New York. After fifteen years, I was ready for a change- I went into outside sales and management of a light industrial temporary help company. Most of my employees came from diverse backgrounds, with the majority being from other countries. One day as I was driving to work, the light bulb went off and I realized I needed to be an immigration attorney.

I took the LSAT, attended Florida Coastal and started working for David Fletcher, PA. There, I handled the business cases- bringing foriegn investors to the US and helping foriegn exchange students develop long term strategies to stay here. I also worked on family sponsorships- reuniting families and helping people successfully bring and/or keep their spouses here. And finally I was able to prepare and defend asylum and deportation cases as well as appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the 11th Circuit. A couple of my successful BIA appeals included a case involving membership in a particular social group involving international sex trafficking and another one dealing with Albanian political asylum.

I recently decided to go to the next level and start my own practice- that of Rebecca C. Black Immigration. I am excited about the new challenges that I will be meeting.