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  1. How to i suspend someones licence for not paying a debt from a car accident.

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    Under Florida law (FL Stat 324.022) every vehicle owner or operator has "financial responsibilities" and must maintain a minimum $10,0000 for property damage caused to others. If they fail, their license can be suspended. The Bureau of Financial Responsibility ( will take action to help you. Here is what they will need from you. 1) Crash Report from a law enforcement agency that investigated the crash. The report must indicate a moving violation...

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  2. Car accident, FL, not at fault- no insurance

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    Ok, if you have personal physical injuries as a result of the accident, then hire a local, small to mid size law firm and they will help you with the car damage issues. It is not unusual for injuries to "set in" several days after an accident. If you are not physically hurt then handle it on your own by: 1) call the other person's insurance and ask for a claim to be established (assuming it's not done already) and when claim is established, ask the ADJUSTER to send out an APPRAISER to look at...

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