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  1. My son was injured at KMart that required 4 staples to close the wound, an adjuster has been assigned. What should I do?

    Answered about 1 year ago.

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    You should contact a personal injury attorney on this matter. K-Mart had a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for patrons including children. One issue to be addressed in the case would be the following: Why did the treadmill collapse? It would appear that K-Mart knew or should have known about the set up and condition of the treadmill equipment. K-Mart should have frequently inspected the treadmills for their sturdiness especially since they are often checked out and moved...

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  2. Now that i have fired my lawyer can i still get all that a lawyer asks for?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    I assume that you are asking if you can represent yourself "pro se". The simple answer is Yes. You should consult with another attorney. If you had no confidence in your prior attorney, you may not have received the right legal advice or guidance previously. Before you have any further contact with the company or the insurance company, you should at least speak to or meet with another attorney. Injury cases can be very complicated and adjusters are trained to handle these matters....

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  3. If a parent has died due to someone's negligence, there is no spouse and there is a will the siblings are in the forties can,

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    The answer to the question depends on the type of case. If the negligence involves the medical care and treatment, there may not be a viable case to pursue since the damages would probably be limited to the medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of net accumulations. An adult child typically has no claim for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice wrongful death case. If the death resulted from other types of negligence, then an adult child may be able to pursue a claim for pain...

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  4. Is medical provider with lien entitled to full recovery from auto claim?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    Each insurance company has its own way of working out liens. It also depends on California State law as well as the adjuster on the file. Discuss the numbers with the attorney. When dealing with injury cases and the law in general, one would think that fairness and common sense should always apply. You may be finding out that this is not always the case. Most personal injury attorneys are well versed in the manner in which liens are handled and resolved. Good luck with your case.

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  5. Am I being betrayed by my lawyer?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    The situation sounds fairly typical. Interrogatories are written questions that are sent out on just about every personal injury case. The other side is not giving you the game plan ahead of a deposition. The other side is merely gathering together information that can be used to further investigate and defend the case. I see nothing unusual about the situation and highly recommend that you schedule a meeting with your attorney so he or she can explain the situation.

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  6. Do I have a lawsuit for negligence - my 4 year old daughter was inappropriately touched by another child while at daycare?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    I am sorry to learn about this incident. I have received a number of calls and cases similar to this one. There are two basic issues at hand: 1. Lack of Supervision; and 2. Failure to Provide Timely Notice. As to the lack of supervision, the day care center had a duty to follow New Jersey laws and regulations pertaining to day care centers. In addition, the day care center had a duty to follow its own rules and regulations. There may be an actionable case of negligence due to the placement...

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  7. Need an experience attorney for personal injury in a car accident in bonita springs,Fl. 34135

    Answered 9 months ago.

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    There are many excellent attorneys based in S.W. Florida who will be able to handle the case. I am located in North Florida. While I handle cases throughouth the State of Florida, I think you would be more comfortable with an attorney based in your geographic area. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you pursue your case through the services of an attorney: 1. Most cases take time to resolve - 3 to 6 months or longer unless there are some unique facts to the case that allow for a...

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  8. Me and my daughter fell in a private parking lot in miami and i broke my elbow a hair line crack my daughter got her wrist hurt.

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    You certainly have a basis to have a Florida Personal Injury attorney review the facts of the case to determine the viability of a legal case or claim. Slip and fall accidents in parking lots and other locations can be quite challenging. You must be able to prove that the owner of the parking lot knew or should have known about a dangerous condition. You further must prove that the condition was in fact dangerous and not an open and obvious condition to visitors. Consult with an attorney...

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  9. Car Accident Lawyer Fees Question

    Answered 8 months ago.

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    The lawyer is on a contingency fee. He or she will collect a percentage of what you collect not necessarily what you may be awarded. Sit down with the attorney you hired to discuss further. Good luck with your case.

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    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    The big problem or challenge in your case is the lack of insurance. While the apartment owner may have assets, it can be an uphill battle at times collecting on a verdict or judgment in your favor. The defendant should act reasonably and offer you a fair amount to settle the case. While this is what the defendant "should" do, the defendant has the option to act unreasonably as well and elect to go to trial rather than offer a "fair" settlement offer to you. You should be concerned about...

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