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  1. How do I prove the burden in a restraining order in west palm beach fl

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    4. Virginia Snyder Morgan
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    There should not be any filing fee for a domestic violence injunction.

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  2. What's the chance my soon to be ex husband will get full "custody" of our daughter?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Gregory Thomas Buckley
    2. Virginia Snyder Morgan
    3. Robert Jason De Groot
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    Under Florida law, we do not use the term "custody," what you are referring to is majority time-sharing. The court will consider about 20 factors when determining a time-sharing schedule and which parent will have majority time-sharing. It is likely that the father's extended absence from your daughter's life will weigh heavily against him in the Court's decision. I strongly recommend you talk with an attorney.

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  3. Did Gov Scott sign this bill.

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

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    The bill was vetoed, so permanent alimony still exists and there is no presumption of 50/50 timesharing.

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  4. Disestablished Paternity ?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Heather Morcroft
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    I agree with the answers given and would add that in order to disestablish paternity you must be current on any child support oblogation.

  5. What is the best (least threatening?) way to go about honoring my NC Child Support Obligation while in FL?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Virginia Snyder Morgan
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    If your child(ren) are still living in NC then most likely the matter must be addressed in NC. You must address the issue of proper jurisdiction first. If Florida is an appropriate jurisdiction you may need to file a supplemental petition to modify child support; however one of the prerequisites for modification is that the change in circumstances be permanent. So, assuming the outcome you seek is a temporary modification you would need to make clear that the request is temporary and based...

  6. How and when do I request a telephonic appearance?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    The best practice would be to check with the Clerk of Courts in the county where you filed. Filing a Motion to Set for Trial requesting the amount of time you feel is necessary for the hearing/trial will get the ball rolling. You can file a motion to appear telephonically contemporaneous with the motion to set.