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Garnett Harrison

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  • Inept & Awful!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Em

    Hired attorney

    I retained Ms. Harrison in December to handle my high conflict custody case. My ex-husband has knowingly & willfully been in contempt for well over six months & Ms. Harrison assured me my case was solid & that I'd have no issue getting a judge to hold him accountable if I retained her, so that's what we did. I paid 75% of her total fee up front & made arrangements to pay the last of it within the next month. Exactly two weeks & one five minute court appearance later she backed out of the case & refused to refund any of the money I'd spent to retain her. Every single conversation between us up to that point was taken by her as an opportunity to berate & curse at me followed by constant demands for more money. During that one court appearance not only did she not address a single issue, such as my ex making it absolutely impossible to see or even speak to my children for six months & the abuse allegations brought against him by DCFS just to name two of the many, but she dragged me out to the hall outside of the courtroom & told me to stay there while she proceeded to take my ex-husband & his attorney into a witness room where she made a deal with them without so much as asking me what I wanted or if I was even capable of what she was volunteering me to do (drive 18+ hours in a 24 hour period less than a month after having major back surgery, my second in four months - I hadn't been medically cleared to drive at all!). At no point did she ever ask what I thought was in my children's best interests or what I hoped to gain from taking my ex back to court. At no point did she bring up any of the terrible things he's done to my children & myself. She never even tried to represent me or my children's best interests & the second I addressed that with her she refused to take any of my calls or respond to my emails until nearly a week later when she withdrew from my case & said it was due to my insubordination.


    1.0 star

    Posted by Erica

    RUN, RUN, RUN! If you’re smart, you need to avoid this woman like the plague! By following her ‘counsel’ (and let’s use that term loosely) I got slapped with contempt of court charges. Four and a half hours after those charges were filed; SHE QUIT leaving me 18 days to get a new lawyer, knowing that I now live out of state. Also, she completely LIED to me-I agreed to continue a case only after she ASSURED me that the things I needed addressed would be addressed. Well, surprise, surprise-NONE of my issues could be readdressed. Something I learned from my replacement attorney. Either she’s completely ignorant of the law, which is possible, or she’s a crook just in it for the money, which is most likely true as well. I had tried to get an email response for over 3 weeks to no avail. Oh, and had I known that she had been DISBARRED in another state-I certainly would have gotten a different lawyer.