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Michael Stephen Moody

Michael Moody’s client reviews

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  • 2 Cival Cases

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Consulted attorney

    He was willing to take my cases but not work with me on the payment. This not how I thought my life would be! I had a good paying job and always pay my debts and now because of health reasons I'm unable to work. I would give anything to have representation to maintain my reputation. One was a protection order and I'm 56 years old, I've never abused a woman verbally or physically and I'm not going to start now. This woman is a narcissist(liar & thief). I have severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, deep vein thrombosis and blood clots in my legs with 90% blockage in myy left leg. And I'm a veteran. It nauseates me when all I feel is that out of all the lawyers spoke with(8), I felt as though none of them cared about what this is doing to my mental health. All each of them cared about was $money$. The justice system is not your innocent until proven guilty, I feel like I'm guilty until I prove myself innocent innocent.
    This law firm may be good at whatever they do so I'm not going to bash them anymore. This message is what I am feeling. I'll never know if I will recommend them or not.

  • Best in Savannah

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Do not hesitate to hire Mr. Moody. He is the beast lawyer in Savannah! He did a wonderful job for me going above and beyond what any other lawyer would have done, I cannot thank him enough! Mr. Moody is always polite and professional, he will give you good advise and follow through to the end to make sure you are satisfied. Imagine this.....he actually answers his phone! That is more than I can say for any of the other lawyers I have had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with in Savannah! Mr. Moody is the ONLY lawyer in Savannah that I trust.

  • Very Bright, Hard Working and Dependable!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    I was arrested in 2010 for three crimes for which i was innocent of. My original lawyer at the time whom I will leave unnamed performed sub-par at best. This first lawyer gave me a great song and dance right up until he recieved full payment from me. It was then extremely difficult to reach him. He also miss-informed me of the law, and tried to talk me into taking a plea bargin even though I was innocent of the charges. He was trying to make his job as easy as possible with no regard for my future. The charges were eventually drop against me; however, I still ended up with a police record due to Georgia law. My original defense lawyer said that it would be nearly "impossible to exspunge , and that he could not help me ". In March of 2012, I started searching for a lawyer that could possibly help me with having my police record exspunged. I hired another attorney whom I will leave unnamed that I thought could be of help to me. I made another poor hiring decesion that cost me money and caused me undue worry. I then decieded to let this person go. After speaking with Attorney Moody, I hired him. He was the first lawyer to fully exsplain the law and how it applies to my situation. He then went to work on my case and presented my situation to the the District Attorney. I have since been granted my request for exspungment. Unlike my first two defense lawyers, this lawyer is motovated. He is very bright and hard working. He is a true credit to the legal profession as well as to current and future clients.

  • Great lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    After hearing great things about Mr. Moody from the locals of Tybee Island, GA I decided to give him a call after experiencing an unfortunate DUI situation. He was very proactive right away and came up with a plan of attack. He really went out of his way to make sure that we got this situation taken care of with the least amount of stress. Since he is well known in the area, he was able to speak to the police officers and come up with a deal that the judge agreed upon during court. Using his extensive knowledge of all aspects of the law and his drive for success, Mr. Moody gained my respect as a wonderful attorney. Not only is he very personable, but he also genuinely cares about each of his clients. Since we were so impressed with the outcome of this case, my mother also spoke to Mr. Moody about some legal problems she was having as well. He quickly responded to her and also consulted another lawyer specializing in this type of case to make sure he was giving her correct information. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Moody for any type of case but DUI in particular. I am extremely happy with my clean driving record! Give him a call. Even if he can't help you with your type of case, he will recommend someone who will be able to give you their best effort.

  • Excellent Lawyer (the best!!!)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RW

    It is with great honor and satisfaction that I write a review of the handling of my case matter by Mr. Moody. I was facing a very serious, career altering charge of Aggravated Battery stemming from a domestic assault situation wherein I was forced to protect my life. I had petitioned many well known Savannah lawyers to accept my case without success. Their denial was based on the fact that my case had not been convicted after 2 years of the initial charges; petitioning the DA to dismiss my charges and placing myself on the radar was similar to Russian Roulette. I had given up hope and had almost accepted the position of the other lawyers and risked homelessness not being able to re-enter the field of Education; for which I have 12 years of stellar experience.
    I made contact with Mr. Moody; he fully listened to my case. The initial consultation lasted over an hour compared to the 5 minutes provided by the other lawyer without who lacked conviction and spineless. Mr. Moody outlined a plan for petitioning my case with the DA. He fully explained his plan and kept me informed throughout the process updates by phone, and email correspondence.
    In the end he was successfully in not only getting my charges dismissed but he also was success in having my case expunged. I am forever grateful for his expertise, conviction, kindness and hard work. My life is now back on track after a 2 year stand still. Mr. Moody’s work was second to none and his rates were the least expensive of all the attorney’s that I had contacted. He believed in my case as much as I did. He was more interested in my exoneration rather than accepting my case as a paycheck. I owe him my life and I am forever grateful for being blessed that God allowed Mr. Moody to take on my case. He has the heart of a lion and gentleness of a lamb.