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City of Atlanta vs. Stephen Harris

Case Conclusion Date: 09.08.2008

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: DUI - Refusal = Dismissed

Description: Stephen Harris was arrested in July 2008 by the City of Atlanta police department and charged with DUI, Improper Turn and Reckless Driving. Upon being pulled over, Mr. Harris refused the SFT's (standardized field sobriety tests) and refused to take a state administered breath test. At this point, Mr. Harris was arrseted for DUI, Improper Turn and Reckless Driving and taken into custody. The officers report stated that Mr. Harris smelled heavily of alcohol however the occupant of the vehicle disputed this contention by the officer. By refusing to consent to the testing, Mr. Harris did not provide the State with any additional evidence to use agaisnt him. Mr. Harris evidence was presented to the State's prosecutor and after consideration thereof, the solicitor decided to dismiss the DUI charge against Mr. Harris in September 2008.

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