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Kelly R. Burke

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    Posted by Lang

    I was charged with a felony back in 2011. It was a very scary moment for me and I wanted to make sure I hired the best representation I could afford. A friend of mine suggested I hire Kelly Burke because he'd been a tough-nosed Houston County District Attorney and had built relationships with all the District Attorneys in the surrounding counties of Peach, Crawford, Bibb, etc. I emptied my savings and I took $8,500.00 in cash and forked it over. I wasn't given a receipt for my payment and nor was I given any retainer forms/contract to sign. It made me feel a little uneasy, but i trusted this guy. He was a former District attorney. :-( I sat with Kelly Burke and his partner attorney David Lassiter for about 30 mins discussing my arrest. I was then handed a business card with $8500 written on the back of it by Kelly Burke. I informed Mr. Kelly Burke that I was innocent and I wished for him to file a motion to dismiss the charges and he agreed to do so. Six months later, I contacted Mr. Burke to check the status of my case and he had done nothing. I then started calling once a month to check the status and I could never reach him nor get a call back. This went on for another six to eight months until finally I realized that I was being railroaded. A year and a few months after giving Mr. Kelly Burke my life savings, I was forced to terminate his services by certified letter. He had filed no motions and he had not made any court appearances. I was forced to send him a certified letter because he never answered or returned my calls. In the letter, I explained to him that I was very displeased by his lack of communication and professionalism. I asked him to please return my funds that were paid because he had rendered no services. Again, he never filed any motions and we never stepped foot in a courtroom. He initially refused to return any of the $8500 I'd paid. I informed him that I would be filing a complaint with the GA Bar Association which made him reconsider. He returned $1800 dollars of my money. I was devastated. He informed me that even though my case never went to court and he never filed any motions on my behalf, he reserved the right to bill me how he saw fit. I can't understand how Mr. Kelly Burke can sleep well at night knowing he took advantage of a client at his most vulnerable point. Maybe he really needed the money--I don't know. That's something he'll have explain to God someday and I pray that God has Mercy on his soul. I never recovered from that ordeal and hear it is almost 4 years later and my case still hasn't gone to trial. I hope that my post can spare any other clients from experiencing what happened to me at Burke and Lassiter. God Bless

    Kelly R. Burke’s response: “Simply not true but not much I can say without violating State Bar rules. Let me put it this way, there was never a finding by any investigative agency that my firm did anything wrong. Figure it out from there.”
  • Very Disappointed!

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    Posted by Georgia

    Instead of informing us initially about all of our options, this law firm only put a spin on the positive, which after a year and many, many THOUSANDS of dollars later ended up being the worst choice we could've made. There was no chance of winning against the financial institution however, we were never told this up front. Mr. Burke at no time called us to keep us up to date on our case, we were kept in the dark thru all of it and still have no idea what actually took place..........other than WE LOST. We were told that the initial THOUSANDS he required to handle our case would cover from beginning to end; which was not the case, mid way thru in order to continue (with what we still don't know) it was several more thousands to see it thru and then all of the interim bills we'd receive for documentation he had to request.

    Huge waste of time and money for very little representation.

    Kelly R. Burke’s response: “Appears to be an anonymous complaint as I have no familiarity with this complaint. While I do pursue bank litigation, and it is always an uphill battle, I am not familiar with this complaint or any client named Georgia.”
  • Buyer's Remorse

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    Posted by Rick

    I would like to first say that I have never in my life posted a negative review even when poor service was recieved. I hired this firm to deal with an issue I was having with my business. I understand that no one can control the outcome of a legal issue and I place no blame on this firm for not winning this case. But once this case was over, I simply asked for a statement to see if I owed or was due money back from the retainer. Several dozen emails over 3 months and never a response, I
    can assume that I was due money back, but if you want an actual review go to their website and whatever their mission statement says...take the opposite.

    Kelly R. Burke’s response: “I regret that we weren't as timely as this client wanted with a final bill for services rendered.”